The Allies is one of the three major alliances in HoI. The Allies is led by United Kingdom , and it's generally built by democratic states, however, it includes also some right-wing totalitarian nations, and also it includes Brazil who's left-wing radical. Allies is most industrialized alliance in game, and it has most members of alliances. Normally Allies have good relations with Comintern and they have same enemies ( the Axis ).


Starter members of allies in 1936

  • United Kingdom : the leader of Allies in all scenarios (in HoI2)
  • France : second largest allied nation, after UK. Normally France is overrun by Germans in 1940
  • Australia : Oceanian nation in Asia. Quite big industry and most important enemy is Japan
  • New Zealand : same as Australia, but it's much weaker
  • South Africa : mid-industrialized nation in southern Africa. Normally South Africa do nothing during the game
  • Canada : nation north to USA . Quite big industry and normally helps UK when she lands somewhere
  • Iraq : puppet of UK
  • Oman
    puppet of UK
  • Yemen
    puppet of UK
  • Nepal
    puppet of UK
  • Bhutan : puppet of UK

Most important members who ofter joins to Allies when playing 1936 scenario

  • Poland : joins after Danzig or War event, if UK have guaranteed her
  • USA : maybe most powerful nation in HoI2. Joins the Allies after Pearl Harbor strike in December 1941 . Huge industry and large navy
  • Brazil : left-wing radical government in south America. In real life Brazil took part in Italian campaign 1943 - 1945 , but in HoI AI doesn't do this

Also nations, who have joined war against Axis often joins the Allies