Reinforcements, Reorganization and Bases


[ ]{#When_do_units_reinforce?} When do units reinforce?

Land units reinforce at midnight during movement (including into enemy territory), strategic redeployment, or standing still. They do not reinforce, if they're out of supply.

Air units reinforce if they're in their base at midnight.

Naval units reinforce if they're in a friendly naval base. They do not reinforce in small ports.

However, the value of the reinforcement slider is only updated once a day, so units which stop during the day will not have a budget allocated and therefore overall repair speed will be slower.

[ ]{#How_fast_do_units_reinforce?} How fast do units reinforce?

Contrary to common belief, reinforcement speed is pretty constant with the only factors being build time, the tech dependant repair modifier and the reinforcement time parameter in db/misc.txt.

Repair speed is not influenced by terrain, infrastructure, ESE, airbase or naval base level. Modifiers on build time like the domestic sliders, ministers and technologies will also decrease repair time by the same percentage.

Repair time for a unit is damage_percentage*build_time*(1/(1+repair_modifier))*reinforcement_time

[ ]{#How_much_does_reinforcement_cost?} How much does reinforcement cost?

Daily IC cost is build_cost * reinforce_cost * damage_percentage

This makes reinforcing lightly damaged units much cheaper than heavily damageded units, and is also the reason why repair costs will get cheaper every day.


Disclaimer: To keep the formulas as simple as possible, organisation will be a value between 0 and 100. Morale, Infrastructure and ESE will be a value between 0 and 1, with 1 = 100%.

As a general rule, weather, terrain and unit type (apart from their Base Morale value) have no influence on reorganization.

Land units

Land units reorganize whenever they don't move or fight. Daily organization increase is the sum of two parts: The base value influenced by morale. Its value is 2.4*(Morale-0.3)

The second part is influenced by morale, current organization, infrastructure and ESE, so infrastructure is doubled in importance.

The exact value is 8.64*(1+(Morale-0.3))*ESE.

If infrastructure is below 60, this will be multiplied by Infrastructure/0.6.

A final multiplier depends on the ratio between current organization and max organization. The exact multiplier is as follows:

percentage of max org | multiplier 0-25% : 1 25%-50% : 2/3 50%-75% : 1/3 75%-100% : 1/6 

While moving, land units lose 0.48 org/day.

Naval units always reorganize unless in battle. In contrast to land units, their reorganization speed is constant, no matter what the current organization is.

Their daily reorganization value too is composed of two parts.

The base value influenced by morale. Its value is 2.4*(Morale-0.3)

The second part only applies when in port. That value is 1,2 + 1,2*(Morale-0.3)*ESE + 0.48*Naval_Base_Level

Air units

Air units always reorganize unless in battle. Again like naval units, their reorganization speed is constant, and composed of two parts.

A base value of 0.024*(morale-30) which applies on the ground and while flying.

The second part only occurs when landed. Its value is 2.4*(1+(Morale-0.3)*ESE*Infra. This value is then multiplied with the overcrowding factor.

The overcrowding factor is the ratio between airbase level and planes based there. This also counts planes which are currently in the air and planes with full organization. (So a level 3 base with 8 planes based will have an overcrowding factor of 3/8, even if all but one plane have full org and are in the air)

The overcrowding factor can never get bigger than 1 so having a larger airbase than is needed doesn't have any effect.

The School of Psychology Chief of Staff

This minister will apply his +20% reorg bonus to whatever reorganization value is calculated with the formulas above.

The influence of Bases

  • A Naval base provides a 0.48 org per level (daily) for any ship located at the base. It doesn't depend on the number of ships currently based or located at the base. It also doesn't depend on the province the base is located in or on your current TC.
  • A Naval base can only provide repairs to ships in dock based on the naval base level. Thus, a level five base can provide repairs for 5 ships each day, while the sixth ship will have to wait.
  • A Naval base provides a way to expand the range of your navy.

Air base

Like with Naval bases, air bases help with reorganization, repairs, and range. However, their effect is a bit more complicated. Air base Level is a part (as part of the overcrowding factor) in the second part of the air reorganization formula. However, since ESE and Infrastructure are also factors in that formula, the location of an airbase is also important. One particular effect of this formula is that an air base in a 0 infrastructure province doesn't help reorganize at all. This also means that air bases are susceptible to logistical strikes and even strategic bombardment (via IC/TC reduction).

The optimal size of an air base is equal to the number of planes to be based there. Less is bad, more is a waste. So in keeping with usual stack sizes, recommended sizes would be 4, 8 or 10.

Example Tables

Basic reorganization

Base reorganization value
Morale Daily Reorg
30% 0
40% 0.24
60% 0.72
80% 1.2
100% 1.68

This is the basic reorganization value that all units get, even under the worst possible circumstances. If a unit for any reason has a morale value of below 30, this will be negative.

Land units

Effect of infrastructure

Land units are very much affected by the infrastructure of the province they're in. Once infrastructure falls under 60, reorganization drops quickly. On the other hand, as long as infrastructure stays above 60 the differences are rather small.

Reorganization for different Morale values and 100% TC
Infrastructure Reorg (Morale 30%) Reorg (Morale 60%) Reorg (Morale 100%)
0% 0 0.72 1.68
20% 1.73 2.97 4.62
40% 4.03 5.96 8.53
60% 6.91 9.71 13.43
80% 7.78 10.83 14.90
100% 8.64 11.95 16.37

Air units

Effect of infrastructure

Reorganization for different Morale values with adequate air base and 100% TC
Infrastructure Reorg (Morale 30%) Reorg (Morale 60%) Reorg (Morale 100%)
0% 0 0.72 1.68
20% 0.29 1.09 2.17
40% 0.67 1.59 2.82
60% 1.15 2.22 3.64
80% 1.73 2.97 4.62
100% 2.4 3.84 5.76