CORE is the Community Open Resource Exchange. CORE aims to make Hearts of Iron 2 a more historically accurate and involving game, through expanded and more detailed tech trees, corresponding units, tech teams and a large number of events, reflecting both historical actions and possibilities. Both Industrial Capacity („IC‟) and resources for the entire game have been revised to better reflect reality in the late 1930s.

Other features include reserve divisions instead of militia (a reserve unit is less mobile, and has less heavy weapons - such as artillery. These units form the mainstay of the armies of the minor and semi-industrialized countries), rares scarcity, SS recruitment, 1:1 naval ship representation and negative resource production (representing civilian spoilage of energy and oil). The basic CORE installer includes generic graphics for techs, tech teams, leaders, ministers and generic models that have been updated to fit the latest release. There are also optional packages to download with an even greater amount of graphics available, such as country-specific model graphics and tech imagery.

  • Mod Website: Is now permanently down
  • Download: None known - Try the forums at: .
  • Current Version: 0.4.9, available for Arsenal of Democracy 1.02 (up to 1.04 with Tweaks)
  • Current Version: 0.4.1, available for Armageddon 1.3b2
  • Current Version:, available for Doomsday 1.3A and Armageddon 1.2
  • Last Update: July, 2009
  • Popularity: over 10,000 posts
  • Compatibility: HOI2, DD, ARMA