1914: The First World War is a modification focusing on the years 1897 - 1925, and the events leading up to and including WWI, also known as "The Great War" and "The War to End all Wars". Other scenarios remain available.

A brief history...

Version 0.1 was released on 25th April 2006, and Version 0.4, was released on 30th June 2007, making the mod available for the official expansion of HoI II, Doomsday , as well. Things and pace began to pick up once again in the waining months of '07, with a 0.41 release in late January on the 21st of that month and 0.42 out officially as of 22/03/2008.


Extensive work and progress have been made towards the 1911 and especially 1897 scenarios during this time, including balancing tweaks, new events and overall accuracy. 1914 includes extensive modding of events, graphics, AI and country data from the original HoI2 and HoI2:Doomsday, which is based on WWII, into a WWI atmosphere.

Campaign Scenarios

  • January 1897: Imperial Zenith
  • January 1911: Panthersprung
  • January 1914: The Great War
  • October 1917: In The Balance <concept>

Battle Scenarios

  • Sick Man of Europe: The Balkan Wars
  • The Brusilov Offensive
  • Forty Days in the West
  • 'Joe's War' - South Africa: 1899
  • Kaiserschlacht, 1918
  • Dawn of the Rising Sun: East Asia, 1904
  • Spanish-American War: 1898
  • Svea and the Maiden
  • The Great Game: Central Asia