Strategy for Operation Husky

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Operation Husky for the Allies

It will be very easy to overrun Italy and Germany since you have a powerful airforce and regular reinforcements. First, you have to destroy the Axis airforce coming to bomb your territories. Forget Sardinia and try landing on Sicily. Otherwise, you can capture Naples or Tarranto first. But I recommend capturing Sicily first, since you have to seperate your armies to attack Sicily after you seized southern Italy, and a defense line will be created by the event. After you get Sicily, try to get a beachhead on the mainland. It can be even Florence. From now on, bring all your forces from Malta or Tunisia, and clean up the enemies you face with your airforce. And you can march into the Alps. When it is difficult to break the defense line, just make another beachhead in the north.

Operation Husky for the Axis

To break the invaders, it is not good to choose Italy, because you have to use Luftwaffe to block the bombardment of the Allies, that makes your forces so weak that the enemies can defeat you easily. Your first objective is putting all your airplanes together and beat each enemy airforce coming. Since you cannot move German units in the beginning, you have to wait until your forces are released by the event breaks out by landing of the Allies. After the event, just remember these tips:

  • Kick out the enemies landed.
  • Always keep the enemy airplanes from striking your armies.

And now you just wait until February 1945, and get a strategic victory!