Afghan Wars

Afghan Wars v1.0 and the Vietnam War v6.0 by FRVP

Compatable with Armagedon and Doomsday. A total of 3 scenarios packaged together with new map, new units, new music, new sprites!

Afghan Wars: Start out in 1988 and proceed though the Soviet withdrawl from Afghanistan, PDPA collapse, tribal warloards anarchy, Taliban period events and September 11th attacks to past the 2003 USA invation of Iraq. Includes all 3 Iraq wars, conflicts in Chechnya, Kurdistan, Somalia, Kashmir and Yemen. Rated 70% historically accurate.

Playable countries: Afghanistan, USSR, PDPA, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Pashtun mujahiddin, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Hezbe, Jamiet and Al Qaeda. NATO troops are represented.

Also included are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, China, India, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Kawait, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Somalia and Sudan.

The PDPA (Peoples Democaratic Party of Afghanistan) later becomes the Northern Alliance and the Pashtun mujahiddin later becomes the Taliban in 1994. This way, you can play the whole scenario as one of these countries.

Vietnam War: Great historical full-function scenario of the American war in Vietnam 1963 - 1975, with other possible outcomes to certain events. Many rivers, monsoons, jungles and VC guerrilla attacks. Rated 90% historically accurate.

Start out in 1963 with the Diem and Kennedy assasinations and proceed though the many Vietnam era events from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to past the S.A.L.T. treaty in 1975. Nuclear tensions are high with USA, Soviets and China while Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Korea battle with communism. Besides the Vietnam War, Vietnam offers other possible regional conflicts such as another Korean war (technically they are still at war today), the Soviet-China conflict, Malaysia-Indonisian conflict and a China-Taiwan conflict. It also has civil wars for the shaping of government in countries such as Cambodia and Laos which could allow attacks within their neutral territories.

Playable countries: North or South Vietnam, Viet Cong, USA, USSR, China, Thailand, North or South Korea. Also included are Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Phillipines, Malaysia and Singapore. Hmong, Australian and New Zealand are represented.

Indian War: A war involving India, Burma, North Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan and Pakistan to showcase the 2 modified counties.

Major map change: A total of 60 textured new territories added. The Caspian Sea is now navagatable with ports in Iran and Soviet Union.

25 New Units: Cold-war and post cold-war units including infantry, marine, mountain, HQ, militia, garrison, tanks, aircraft, gunships, subs, drones, missiles, advanced transports and sea mines.

Also 25 units included from the Vietnam Sceanario: Green Beret, AH-1 Cobra, Advanced Supersonic Fighter, Nuclear Sub, M41 Light-Tank, Titan ICBM, ABM, Paladin, Missile Launcher, Attack Helicopters, Advanced Air Cavalry. A grand total of 50 new units!

Technolgies: stealth, night vision, super semiconductors and computers, satellites, jungle warfare and lazer. Basic tech tree perfect for post WW2 scenarios.

Brigades: modern artillery, elite engineers, M42 Duster, M113, rocket launcher, and land mines.

Optional Sprites: M-41 complete sprite, Helicopter movement sprite and other basic 'stand' sprites for Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and USA. (Helicopter cavalry sprite not for WW2)

Optional Music: 85MB, Awesome optional sound track from the Vietnam era ...rated PG!

There are changes or additions to some config, db, minister, leader and tech files. New graphics were added for new units, ministers, leaders and events. A few counters, flags and shields were added. New AI files for all countries involved were added. Mountain and jungle warfare is enhanced. Best played with agressive AI settings.

Made vanilla friendly for Armageddon v1.1 but will work for all with the correct patch. Unzip files to Armaggedon, Doomsday top-level directory. No patch needed for Armageddon.

Requirements: (Not compatable with previous versions) is required, 28 MB. Version 6.0 is the latest. is required, 35 MB (60 additional provinces). Version 6.0 is the latest. is required for Doomsday, 100 KB. Version 6.0 is the latest. You will need a no-time-limit fix for your version to go beyond 1964! (Unfortunatley the only time patch I found for ARMG 1.2 and ARMG 1.3 won't let the AI build after 1964. So get version ARMG 1.1 or DD 1.3 for full function play, otherwise there are enough events to still make the game rather enjoyable.)

Thanks to Jamie for his Map Maker, Digoo for his TNW ideas and BeBro, Hilsdorf and Strits1945 for their contributions!

FRVP ~ Creator of Vietnam and Afghan War Scenarios


Download link here (Versions after Version 4 are paid for)