Province Improvement FAQ

Province Improvement

[ ]{#Where_is_the_best_place_to_build_a_new_factory?} Where is the best place to build a new factory?

In provinces with high infrastructure factories will be completed faster than in lower ones.

If you are playing DD this does not apply. A factory built in a 40% infra province will be built in exactly same time as in a 100% infra province.

[ ]{#Does_increasing_infrastructure_also_increase_the_resource_output_of_the_province?} Does increasing infrastructure also increase the resource output of the province?


Some players have claimed that in a handful of low-infrastructure (eg. 20), high resource-yield provinces, you can increase resource yield by increasing infrastructure, but this has never been verified. Note that the machine tool techs increase both IC and resource production, so when players see resource increases, it would more likely be due to the machine tool tech rather than to increasing infrastructure.

There is very little you can do to increase resource extraction except to liberate puppets since puppets are limited to 1000 of each resource and give their master the excess. A formula explaining the resource extraction parameters is given in this thread: Formula for resources from non-national provinces . Resource extraction can go down due to strategic bombing and to battle damage; pause over one of the resource icons to see the current and maximum %.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_size_1_and_size_10_airbase/navalbase?} What is the difference between size 1 and size 10 airbase/navalbase?

All bases can hold as many divisions/ships as you care to put there. The size of the base determines how fast those units regain organization and strength. Units based in a facility above its size capacity will regain organization and strength at a much lower rate.

[ ]{#What_is_the_purpose_of_radar_station?} What is the purpose of radar station?

The functions are:

  • Reduces enemy air units' combat efficiency by 2.5% for each level of radar you have in the territory.
  • The effectiveness of this factor can be increased by research. A 30% radar efficiency would mean 1.3*2.5.
  • Coastal radar stations have a combat air battle factor in adjacent seazones. On land, however, each province's radar is used only for that province without any adjacency effects.
  • Radar stations do not detect naval units .
  • Radar is absolutely vital for a good air-defence in HOI2 and HOI2 DD versions 1.0 and 1.1:
    • Without it the airunits on air-superiority missions will just move towards random provinces within the area.
    • With it, the airunit will know about any planes nearby that is heading to/through the province with the radar.
  • Radar does not provide detection after HOI2DD 1.2 through ARMA 1.2. Two comments by Johan on pg 2 of a long thread: Johan mentions but does not explain the change
  • In ARMA, Radar improves naval engagement range
  • Since radar is intelligence related, it's always us vs them comparisons for spotting purposes. Slider (open vs closed society), relative tech levels for encryption and decryption, and difficulty levels influence how well radar detects the enemy.

[ ]{#What_do_Rocket_Test_Facilities_and_Nuclear_Reactors_do?} What do Rocket Test Facilities and Nuclear Reactors do?

Both of these techs reduce the amount of time needed to research Rocketry and Nuclear Research respectively. The more test facilities/reactors you have, the less time it takes to complete research in those fields. In addition, a nuclear reactor of sufficient size is needed to build an atomic bomb.

More information on the effects (including a statistical breakdown) these facilities can be found in the Research guide.