Game Play FAQ

Game Play

[ ]{#Does_the_game_have_to_end_on_January_1,_1948?} Does the game have to end on January 1, 1948?

No. There is a utility to remove the end date.

[ ]{#Can_I_turn_off_fog_of_war?} Can I turn off fog of war?

Yes. Press F12 and type in 'nofog' (without quotes). Press ctrl + F12 to close the console screen.

[ ]{#Why_do_I_keep_getting_‘Great_War_Demonstrations’_as_Germany?} Why do I keep getting 'Great War Demonstrations' as Germany?

You need to read the text of the event. The demonstrations will stop as soon as you send a land unit into Cologne.

[ ]{#How_do_I_delete_old_saved_games?} How do I delete old saved games?

Unfortunately, there is no way to do so within the game itself. Instead, just open windows explorer and navigate to the save games folder. The default is c:\program files\paradox interactive\hearts of iron 2\scenarios\save games. Each save game has two parts, a *.eug and a *.cfg. Delete both of these files for each save game you want to remove.

To make this process easier in the future, create a shortcut to the above directory on your desktop or other convenient location.

[ ]{#How_do_I_re-organize_(air)_units?} How do I re-organize (air) units?

Select a unit of the type (air/land/sea) you want to re-group in the province you want. Holding down on the shift key and the left mouse button, lasso/draw a circle around the unit's sprite or counter. You will have a list of units in the left panel. CTRL-shift click off any unit you do not want in the new group. Hit the merge button (at the bottom of that left panel) to create your new formation.

NOTE: You can not create air formations of more than 4 units

[ ]{#How_do_I_perform_a_‘blitzkrieg’_attack?} How do I perform a 'blitzkrieg' attack?

Select the formation you wish to make an "exploiting" attack with. Right click on the first province you wish to attack. Now hold down on the shift key and right click on a target deeper into enemy territory.

With this type of attack, your unit does not need to wait for 24 hours before renewing its assault. It will immediately attack the "deeper" defender after it defeats the defender of the first province.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_ministers_that_give_intelligence_bonus_and_army_intelligence_bonus?} What is the difference between ministers that give intelligence bonus and army intelligence bonus?

Army intelligence will provide more information regarding enemy troops in adjacent provinces. If your army intelligence and decryption tech are low, instead of seeing the exact number of divisions, you will only see rough estimate of it. Intelligence provides bonus to random events such as the ability to steal blueprint from the enemy.

[ ]{#Can_you_get_energy_from_nuclear_plants?And_what_does_the_nuclear_plant_tech_description_mean_by"get_50%_more_energy_in"_nuclear_plant?} Can you get energy from nuclear plants? And what does the nuclear plant tech description mean by "get 50% more energy in" nuclear plant?

No, that tech increases the effect of nuclear plants with 50% (faster nuclear research and nuclear bomb building), it's simply a bad description.

[ ]{#How_much_of_a_province_resources_and_industry_do_you_get_when_you_occupy_a_province?_And_what_do_you_gain_by_annexing_the_former_owner_of_the_province?} How much of a province resources and industry do you get when you occupy a province? And what do you gain by annexing the former owner of the province?

You only receive 20% (+ any minister bonus, foreign IC use) of the industrial output of an occupied or annexed area. You receive 50% of base resources in annexed territory and 40% in occupied territory. Other modifiers for resources are discussed in this thread and summarized below:

- All Machine Tool Techs apply accordingly. (+5%; 3-times) - The peacetime modifier applies accordingly (for those countries having one like US or UK). - Random event effects of +1% each for "Private Initiative" and "Government nationalizes private sector"). - Resource modification due to difficulty levels (+40%, +20%, 0, -20%, -40% - for v.easy, easy, normal, hard, v.hard). 

You gain nothing in IC, and just a few more resources, by annexing, but the occupied TC drain is removed for annexed countries and base partisan levels are reduced.

UNLESS you have cores in the area, in which case you receive 100% instead for these national provinces for everything (IC, manpower, and resources). Use the Diplomatic Map (map-option-button to the lower left, not the Diplomacy Screen) and then click on any of your own provinces, to find out if you have any neighbours with cores, it will highlight your country in medium-green, your allies in light-green, and any Cores you have in opposing countries in dark-green.

[ ]{#How_do_Convoys_work?} How do Convoys work?

Convoys will usually work fine by clicking on automatic. If you want to manage them yourself:

1) the minimum number is set by the distance that the convoy has to travel

2) that minimum is doubled for supply convoys

3) if you meet the minimum, the number convoyed is 5 for each ticked off box

4) when you go beyond the minimum, each additional convoy carries 2x

5) You can verify the math by looking at the convoy details which will tell you how much has been shipped.

6) Convoys will continue until you have about 10 days supply stockpiled in that area. Convoys are then sent on an as needed basis.