Marine Amphibious Force

[ ]{#Marine_Amphibious_Force_(MAF)} Marine Amphibious Force (MAF)

A Marine Amphibious Force is a limited Surface Action Group (SAG) with Transports (TP) attached to it for the purpose of ferrying troops and executing amphibious assaults. Shore bombardment will automatically occur during an amphibious assault by all capable ships in an adjacent sea zone.

Amphibious assault mission: This must be issued when the fleet is already located in its home port. Otherwise, it will likely result in the entire fleet returning to its home port. Alternatively, troops can simply disembark from the transports and attack. This only works for games up to Armageddon 1.2. For the Armageddon 1.3beta patch, disembarking from transports into enemy territory is no longer possible. Leaving transports in the region is important for early assaults, in the event of defeat or retreat, troops can retreat to the transports.

MAF Fleet Composition

Three philosophies are debated, currently.

  1. TP-only fleets : This playstyle argues that TPs should be left in TP-only fleets. The reason is that TP-only fleets have a optimal combat range of 450+km and then flee. Adding even a single warship will decrease this and let the TPs participate in combat, where they can only lose.
  2. CV-protection : Followers of this idea argue that adding a CV to the fleet will put the fleet at a distance to all surface fleets that do not contain carriers, thus protecting the TPs better than if they are sent out alone.
  3. Surface fleet : This is the "old-school" version of a MAF: combine your TPs with a sufficiently strong SAG to defend the transports.