Apocalypse is a set of mini-mods for Arsenal of Democracy expanding the Armageddon Scenarios with a later start date, allowing the players to jump straight into the action with the new motorized and mechanized troops and generally a greater variety of units. The start situations are more balanced and the gameplay is much faster and more aggressive (at least that's one of the developing goals).

Version History

Developing and playtesting started August 2010, Beta 1 was released on October 2, 2010.


All technologies prior to the starting year (and some essential ones in the starting year) are already researched, allowing the player to build an up-to-date motorized army right from the start. The chosen doctrine paths are based on techteam specializations and the available amount of fuel and manpower. Also, every alliance contains all doctrine paths, so a player who wants to switch has someone providing him with blueprints. The secret weapons research lags somewhat behind to prevent especially the '45 Scenario to turn into a nuclear massacre right from the start. The selection of starting units (Fleets and the amount of Arm/Mec/Mot/Mil) is influenced by the doctrine path. Note: The players start at peace, but the AI is much more aggressive than in The Abyss . Even on "normal" it usually takes less than a year until the wars start.

Available Scenarios

  • Apocalypse '42
  • Apocalypse '45