Denmark is a small, little nation on top of the big, bad Nazi Germany. Meaning, any dreams of expanding southward's is already crushed. Starting off, Denmark is one of those low minors, the ones that have more than 10 IC but less than 15 IC, which Denmark is in the middle of it with 13 IC.

Starting off, Denmark is at the very edge of the democracy slider, meaning you won't be able to declare war anytime soon.

Also, you start off with a 1918 Infantry Division and a fleet of 2 Great War Heavy Cruisers and 2 Great War Submarines.

Denmark's terrain isn't any better. Being all of it flat lands, Germany will have no problem rolling over your provinces in less than a week. Also, starting off with only $10 won't buy you the best of things. Best thing to do is to focus onto Infantry and some important brigades like Artillery, Engineer or Anti-Tank. In the Air force, go for a CAS and Interceptor combo, or if you really want or have the IC, Tactical and Fighters. You shouldn't focus much onto the navy since all of Germany's navy will be close to you when they declare war on you.

[ ]{#Pro’s_&_Con’s} Pro's & Con's

[ ]{#Pro’s} Pro's

  • You have positive relations with the Allies and Germany
  • Starting out with a fair amount of resources
  • Have some great Techteam, Niels Bohr (level 7, good for Nukes), Burmeister & Wain (level 6) and F.L. Smidt (level 6) are great of Industrial techs and some level 4 doctrine teams
  • Good position to attack Norway
  • A large navy for a minor

[ ]{#Con’s} Con's

  • Everyone else either doesn't like you or has 0 relations with you
  • Bad starting position since your onto of Germany
  • All of the other Industral Techs would be researched slower if your are using Burmeister & Wain or F.L. Smidt
  • Why would Denmark need a Nuclear Techteam
  • Outdated Navy, meaning a waste of supplies
  • Bad, bad terrain