We would like to introduce you to Fallout's Doomsday , a post apocalyptic mod for Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday Armageddon.

Have you been thinking about reuniting USA as a nation long after the world ended, leading your armies across radiated deserts to fight the mutated monsters and raiders out there? Or maybe you have been dreaming about conquering those weak humans while leading an army of powerful Mutant warriors to victory in their endless wars? Or perhaps you want to control the Enclave, the shadowy survivors of the pre-War US government who fled to their offshore bases before the Bombs fell, using their high tech science and sinister experiments to establish a new world order?

All those paths await you in a new mod that has been created as a tribute for two best computer role playing games ever: Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Set in a post Apocalyptic world 167 years after the Bomb was dropped, this is complete science fiction conversion to HOI2. Completely new tech tree, units, resources, economy, and nation groups; all with unique graphics. A completely new gaming experience for the best WW2 strategy game ever made: Hearts of Iron 2.

The mod is set in the Wastelands, the radioactive and windswept remnant of what was once North America. Take control of one of the many groups rising to power on top of the ashes and ruins of pre-War civilisation. Build industries and infrastructure, research technologies, manage your resources, conduct diplomacy with other nations, build and manage your military forces to achieve dominance over the Wastelands.