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General information about the game and releated material.


[ [HoI2 forums]

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The official Paradox forums is the place to go for discussing HoI2 and getting answers to any questions you might have that HOI2Wiki leaves unanswered. Also useful for finding out what's happening in the modding community.

[ HoI2 Doomsday forums ]

The official Paradox forums for HoI2 Doomsday and Armageddon.

[ Foro Élite ]

Forum in Spanish about HoI2 .… and HoI, Crusader King, Victoria and Europa Universalis 2.

French Forums on HoI

Strategium - Hearts of Iron I, II & II I

Le QG - French

Italian Forums on HoI

Netwargamingitalia Hearts of Iron 2

Battlegrounds of Paradox - Hearts of Iron 1 e 2

Chinese Forums on HoI

52pcgame-one of the most active Paradox fan's fortress

[ ]{#Lord_Ederon’s_Fo

rums} Lord Ederon's Forums

Forum with multiple active multiplayer groups playing HoI2, EU3 and other Paradox games.



News]({.external .text rel=“nofollow”} - 5/5 - [Firing Squad] ({.external .text rel=“nofollow”} - 91% Editor's Choice - GamerzAlliance - 95/100 GA Elite Award - Nordic Gamers - 84% (in Swedish) - Fragzone - 4,5/5 - Fragzone Silver Award (in Swedish) - - 16/20 (in French) - - Bon (in French)


News]({.external .text rel=“nofollow”} - Nordic Gamers (in Swedish) - Boomtown (in Swedish) - (in Norwegian) - Level 7 (in Swedish)

[ I

nterviews and other stuff ]{#Interviews_and_other_stuff .mw-headline}

Bergqwist]({.external .text rel=“nofollow”} (game designer) - interview with assorted Paradox staff (in Norwegian) - Trailer at Gamespot


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[ The Stony Road ]

N!ghty's site with graphical mod tutorials, downloads, and other goodies.

[ Strategium Alliance

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French site with forum (there's an english subsection)

[ [Battlegrounds

of Paradox]({.ext ernal .text rel=“nofollow”} ]{#Battlegrounds_of_Paradox .mw-headline}

Italian site with forum

[ Domain of Lord Ederon{.

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Lord Ederon's site dedicated to Paradox games. Contains original programs, useful downloads on-line maps, printable maps and other goodies. Also active forum with emphasis on multiplayer.

[ ]

Biggest Polish fansite and forum dedicated to Paradox games

[ ]

Finnish Hearts of Iron site. News, Downloads, Discussion, Multiplayer games, AAR's, Screenshot galleries (all users can post their screenshots), Links and much more.

[ ]

German site with forum, chat and other stuff.

[ DMP-Site ]

Home of the Design-Mod-Project, German and English forum


A.E.I.O.U. Forum ]{#A.E.I.O.U._Forum .mw-headline}

Website for A.E.IO.U., Germania, Phantasia and other Mods

[ HoI2 Mods Portal ]

Spanish site with all necessary for enjoy with HoI2

Custom Music

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Military Music]( .htm){.external .text rel=“nofollow”} ]{#Military_Music .mw-headline}

Here is a good link of military marching tunes that you may like to use for playing HoI2

Other Wikis

[ German HoI-Wiki ]

German language wiki

[ Ukrainian wiki ]

RU language wiki

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