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This page contains links to information and research that may be useful to those wishing to mod the game, develop new scenarios and battle scenarios, or are otherwise curious about all things World War 2.

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Print Sources

The following material was taken from the CORE Forums, thanks to their permissions. To see the actual page, please register on the CORE Forums and go to the Development -> Sources Thread . Consider it to be a sort of "recommended reading list" for World War II.

Numbers, Predictions and War by T. N. Dupuy
Supplying War by Martin van Creveld
Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II
The Bomber Command War Diaries by M Middlebrook and C Everitt
The Penguin History of the Second World War by Peter Calvocoressi, Guy Wint, John Pritchard
Submarines of the Imperial Navy by Dorr Carpenter and Norman Polmar
Japanese Army Handbook by George Forty
The Second World War by J Keegan
Berlin 1945: The Downfall by A Beevor
Stalingrad by Anthony Beevor
Feeding Mars by John A. Lynn
Infantry Weapons
Trench Fighting 1914-1918
Defence of Moscow
Bomber Offensive
Battle for Monte Cassino
New Guinea
Siege of Leningrad

World War II World War II: Extra (The Front Pages of WWII News Papers)
Target: Switzerland
Band of Brothers
Uniforms of the Armed Services of World War II
Blood, Tears, and Folly
Romand and World War II
Afghan Foreign Policy on the mid 20th Century
The US Army in World War II (1) Pacific
The US Army in World War II (2) The Mediterranean
The US Army in World War II (3) Northwest Europe
Axis Forces in Yugoslavia 1941-45
The French Army (1) 1939-1945
The French Army (2) 1939-1945
Germany's Eastern front Allies (1 - Balkans/Finland) 1941-1945
Germany's Eastern front Allies (2 - Baltic States) 1941-1945
The Polish Army 1939-1945
The Romanian Army of World War II
The Italian Army 1940-1945 (1) Europe 1940-43
The Italian Army 1940-1945 (2) Africa 1940-43
The Italian Army 1940-1945 (3) RIS 1943-1945
Germany's Spanish Volunteers

German Colonial Yearbook 1941

Conway's All of the World's Fighting Ships 1860-1905
Conway's All of the World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921
Conway's All of the World's Fighting Ships 1922-1947
Battleships and Battlecruisers 1905-1970 by Siegfried Breyer
U.S. Battleships by Friedman
U.S. Cruisers by Friedman
Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of England by Kenneth Macksey
Clash of the Titans by Walter Boyne
Clash of Wings by Walter Boyne
War at Sea by Nathan Miller
The Illustrated Dictionary of Tanks of the World by David Miller
Armored Fighting Vehicles by Phillip Trewhill

"25 Secoli di battaglie navali" ("25 centuries of naval battles")
"Guerra aerea 1939-1945" ("Air war 1939-1945")
"Carri Armati, gli scontri decisivi" ("Tanks, decisive battles")
"Solo Coraggio" ("Courage Alone", History of Regia Areonautica 1940 to 1943)
"WW2, Cronologia illustrata di 2194 giorni di guerra" ("WW2, illustred chronology of 2194 days of war")
"Forze Armate della seconda guerra mondiale" ("Armed Forces of WW2" by Andrew Mollo)

20th Century Time Line (George Beal)
Conway's All the World's Fighting ships 1922-1947
Oxford History of the 20th Century
Europe: A History (Norman Davies)
Knights Cross (David Fraser)
Infantry Attacks (erwin Rommel, ed BH Lidell-Hart)
Rommell papers (ed Liddell-hart)
A Bridge Too Far
The Longest Day
Citizen Soldiers
Hitler's Commanders
War, Technology, and Society 1939-1947
Encyclopedia of 20th Century warfare (1989 edition)
Grand Admiral
Stilwell and the American Experience in China
A History of the Irish Army
Numerous Osprey titles

The Savage Wars of Peace (Max Boot)
The Dark Valley (Piers Brendon)
The Ninety Days (Thomas N. Carmichael)
The Rape of Nanking (Iris Chang)
History of the Second World War (all volumes) (Winston Churchill)
The German Army 1933-1945 (Matthew Cooper)
Germany 1866-1945 (Gordon Craig)
Politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945 (Gordon Craig)
Command in War (Martin van Crevald)
Conversations with Stalin (Milovan Djilas)
The Imperial Japanese Navy (Paul S. Dull)
Genius for War (Trevor Dupuy)
Understanding War (Trevor Dupuy)
The Cash Nexus (Niall Ferguson)
Downfall: The End of Imperial Japanese Empire (Richard B. Frank)
History of the 20th Century, Vol. 2 (Martin Gilbert)
The Roots of Appeasement (Martin Gilbert)
History of the German General Staff (Gorlitz)
To Lose a Battle (Alistair Horne)
Modern Times (Paul Johnson)
A History of the American People (Paul Johnson)
The Origins of War (Donald Kagan)
The Hitler of History (John Lukacs)
Wind Over Sand: The Diplomacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Frederick W. Marks III)
War Plan Orange: The U.S. Strategy to Defeat Japan 1897-1945 (Edward Miller)
A War to be Won (Williamson Murray and Allan Millett)
Dynamics of Military Revolution (edited by MacGregor Knox & Williamson Murray)
Military Innovation in the Interwar Period (Williamson Murray and Allan Millett)
The Change in the European Balance of Power 1938-1939 (Williamson Murray)
Why the Allies Won (Richard Overy)
War as I Knew It (George S. Patton)
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (William L. Shirer)
The Collapse of the Third Republic (William L. Shirer)
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (Rebecca West)
The New Meaning of Treason (Rebecca West)
Jane's Fighting Ships of World War 2

Wojna Obronna (Leszek Moczulski)
Kampania 1939 roku (P.P. Wieczorkiewicz)
Generał Sikorski (Jerzy Terlecki)
Polskie eskadry w latach 1918-1939 (Jerzy Pawlak)
Kurier z Warszawy (Jan Nowak-Jeziorański)
Wrzesień 1939 (biblioteka Więzi)
Powstanie warszawskie (Jerzy Kirchmayer)
Katyn' list (Joseph Stalin)
Bez ostatniego rozdziału (Władysław Anders)
Od podwody do czolga (Stanislaw Maczek)
Najkrotsza droga (Stanislaw Sosabowski)
Tablice historyczne (wyd. Adamantan)
Encyklopedia szkolna PWN- historia
Wspomnienia i przyczynki hist. (Jan Rzepecki)
My life (Erich Maria Raeder)
10 years and 20 days (Karl Doenitz)
Zycie niewlasciwie urozmaicone (Kazimierz Leski)

Berlin the Downfall 1945 - Antony Beevor
Stalingrad - Antony Beevor
From Leningrad to Berlin ( Dutch volunteers in the Waffen SS 1941-1945) - Perry Pierik
Hitler's Killers (The history of the SS) - Guido Knopp
A different view on the battle of Arnhem (The quick German reaction) - Peter Berends
Verdreven och niet verslagen (Driven away but not defeated, book regarding the Dutch navy) - K.W.L. Bezemer
Dutch versions of Ballentine's Illustrated History of WWII:
The Last days Of Berlin
The Fall of Singapore
Bombs on Europe
Fire in the Reichstagg
Allied invasion of Sicilie
London during the Blitz
Operation Torch
Operation Avalanche
Emperor ad Interm
Beda Fomm
Monte Cassino
Warschau Uprising
The Defence of Moscow
Burma Railroad
Ardennes Battle
Messerschmitt 109
Operation Barbarossa
The drama of the Philipines
Merril's Marauders
Nuremberg Trials
The Siege of Tobruk
German Secret Weapons
Panzer Commander - Hans von Luck
German army 1939 - 1945 (1), The - Nigel Thomas
German combat equipments 1939 - 1945 - Gordon Rottman
Conway's All the World's Fighting ships 1922- 1946
WWII Day by Day - Antony Shaw
Zij vochten op de zeven zeeen (They fought on the seven seas) - K.W.L. Bezemer
Hitler - Hess Conspiracy, The - Martin Allen
Weapons of WWII (1500 weapon systems) - Chris Bishop
Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World - Christopher F. Foss
Warplanes of the Luftwaffe - David Donald
Fighters of World War II - David Donald
Bombers of World War II - David Donald
Fighting Planes of the World - Eric Sargent
Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment by Joachim Dressel / Manfred Griehl
The Dutch Marines by Bosscher

The Illustrated Directory of Fighters - Prospero Books
The Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Spellmount Books
The Encyclopedia of Ships - Silverdale Books
The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft - Silverdale Books
Jane's Aircraft of World War II
Jane's Tanks of World War II
The Encyclopedia of of Ships - Prospero Books
Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles of WWII - Silverdale Books
Aircraft of WWII - Silverdale Books
Chronicle of the 20th Century (UK Edition) - Longman-Chronicle
The Second World War in the West - Cassel & Co
The Second World War in the East - Cassel & Co
The First World War - Cassel & Co.
The Gatefold Book of World War II Warplanes - Brown Books

La Batalla del Ebro (The Battle of The Ebro River) - Jorge M. reverte
La Batalla de Madrid (The Battle of Madrid) - Jorge M. Reverte
Maquis: History of the Antifascist Guerrilla - Secundino Serrano
Operation Torch - Vincent Jones
Salerno - David Mason
Afrika Korps - K.J. Macksey
Commando - Peter Young
Inursions - Arthur Swinson
Tobruk - James W. Stock
War in the Pacific - Jerry Scutts
Red Devils in Normandy - Georges Bernage
JANE's Fighting Aircraft of World War II
El Alamein - Jon Latimer
D-Day - Stephen E. Ambrose
Berlin - Anthony Beevor
Stalingrad - Anthony Beevor
Crete - Anthony Beevor
Panzerkampfwagen III Medium Tank - Bryan Perret/Mike Badrocke
Matilda Infantry Tank - David Fletcher/Peter Sarson
Sherman Medium Tank - Steve Zaolga/Peter Sarson
The US Army 1941-1945 - Philip Katcher/Chris Collingwood
The Sherman Tank in British Service - John Sandars/Michael Roffe/Mike Chappel
Flammpanzer German Flamethrowers - Tom Jentz/Hilary Doyle/Peter Sarson
Allied Tank Destroyers - Bryan Perret/Mike Chapell
Tiger I Heavy Tank - Tom Jentz/Hilary Doyle/Peter Sarson
KingTiger Heavy Tank - Tom Jentz/Hilary Doyle/Peter Sarson
The Renault FT Light Tank - Steven Zaloga/Peter Sarson
Tito - P. Auty
Okinawa 1945: The last Battle - Gordon Rottman/Howard Gerrard
Bf 109 D/E Aces 1939-41 - John Weal
Panzer Leader - General Hienz Guderian
World War II Day by Day - Donald Sommerville