Historical Improvement

This MOD is designed to make HOI2 more historical and provide a better simulation. Not for early conquer the world strategies. Many events are designed to use the treaty of Munich as the earliest start of the war.

  • Forum Website: [1]
  • Download Site: None - Mod discontinued
  • Current Version: 0.83
  • Last Update: March, 2007 (inactive)
  • Popularity: between 1,000 and 5,000 posts
  • Compatibility: HOI2, DD, ARMA

Features Explained:

Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Specific unit icons were added according to WW2 symbol designations.
AI Yes.
Technology Expanded technology trees.
Territory Egypt added, historical symbols for airfields, etc, added on the map.
Events Yes.
New Units Yes.
Combat System Not included.