Total IC and resources

Because the strategic aim of warfare in Hoi2 is to secure your own country's place in the world by conquering provinces with high IC and resources, it might be interesting to know how many of them are out there to claim. The following data is collected from the db/province.csv file and shows the raw numbers on the 1936 campaign start. Note that you will not gain the full value if the respective province is not a core of your country and also note that the raw values can be modified by a variety of factors ranging from research to events.

Thanks to the Paradox forum user BritishImperial, for it was his question which initiated this endeavour!

Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday Armageddon 1.2

Total IC 1855 in 637 provinces
Total manpower 1524 in 634 provinces
Total oil 1031 in 57 provinces
Total metal 3420 in 493 provinces
Total energy 6969 in 653 provinces
Total rares 1505 in 362 provinces

[ ]{#MOD:World_in_Flames_Platinum(HoI2_DD_Arma)} MOD: World in Flames Platinum (HoI2 DD Arma)

Note that manpower is computed differently in this mod, so while the raw values are much higher than in the standard game, the effective values are quite similar (even somewhat lower).

Total IC 1991 in 653 provinces
Total manpower 10654 in 1452 provinces
Total oil 1064 in 68 provinces
Total metal 3470 in 498 provinces
Total energy 7044 in 660 provinces
Total rares 1529 in 373 provinces