Manchukuo strategy

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Manchukuo starts as a Puppet state, created as a slave of Japan . But Japan's success could lead to opportunities for your own "Empire".

Walkthrough for 1936 Scenario

Preparing for War

Important Research (Note: Manchuria has terrible tech teams, but can rely on Japanese blueprints. You may be stuck with 1930s technology well into the 1940s, just do what you can do.)

  • All agriculture: More manpower = more infantry.
  • Industrial: More industry = more infantry.
  • Infantry: Focus on infantry and supply technologies. If you can, cavalry and mountain troops.
  • Armor and Artillery: Develop artillery only. If your manage to get 3 tech teams, build


  • Japan: Your one and only resourceful ally, get technologies from them. They will offer you free resources.
  • Thailand: An okay ally, trade to prop up a fellow desperate Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere nation.


Focus purely on industries. Make sacrifices to all other production for this. It is preferable to have 40 IC but if this becomes unrealistic, above 30 is fine.

Politics-wise, shift around your ministers to increase your IC and Industrial research. Pu Yi helps to fight dissent.

Sino-Japan War

When your venture into mass industrialization is complete, focus on building entirely infantry and modern cavalry. Do not bother doing this if you're still at a 1918 level.

As a puppet state, a stronger Japan means a stronger Manchuria. Help the Japanese invasion as much as possible, hold strong positions, charge into weak positions. Be as aggressive as possible with the Chinese; if you're lucky, Nationalist China will be defeated or at least stuck in a tough position.

During this period, don't bother with a Navy or Air Force. Though it would display that you're a real country, with your technology they would be useless.

To give you an edge in the war, shift your military leaders to give you an infantry bonus.

When Mengchukuo is created and has a good amount of troops, take control of their army. If a stalemate ever occurs, they can help relieve your attack forces from defending a position.

By the time 1939 rolls around, you can try to upgrade all your infantry to 1939 quality. It would be preferable and would guarantee a somewhat modern army for years to come.

Pacific War

By the time 1941 rolls around, you should have a massive army of brute strength.

If you wish to help out in the Japanese conquest of Asia, build a Naval Base and transports. Don't bother building up a strong naval force, it's too late to research Naval technology or at least the Great War ships. You might as well have a raft armed with firecrackers.

I recommend you help the invasion of South East Asia or the Philippeans. You don't want to stretch your supply line too thin by sending your armies deep into the Pacific.

Now, the American AI is very sporadic and not realistic sometimes. The Manchurian coasts are in constant threat of invasion which could spell certain doom for you. Unless you can afford a large coastal/land fortress network, I recommend you keep several divisons in Manchukuo as a defense force. The Americans will never send more then a few divisions thanks to the Japanese Navy. If you have up-to-date Garrisons, build them across your coast prior to the war.

By this time, the German invasion of Russia has begun. Sit back, fight the Chinese (or Americans), and cheer for a German victory.

Starting in 1941 or as early as 1940, begin replacing your troops in China with troops from Mengchukuo. You don't want to remove your presence so much that the Chinese will begin overpowering the Japanese, however. Move your troops to the Siberian and Mongolian borders.

Japanese-Soviet War

This is it, what you've been building up for all these years. When the Germans overrun Moscow/Caucasus (1942/1943) and things look grim for our Red Friends, declare war on the Soviet Union. The sooner you DOW the Comintern, the more land you can sieze from the Soviets. The Great Manchurian Empire must expand at the price of the Soviets. Make sure you are strong enough to attack eariler on, worst case scenario wait until the Germans reach the Soviet Far East and expand into the remains.

First attack, Blitzkrieg throughout Mongolia. Do not use your troops from Mengchukuo to help. Make sure you have a large enough army to race Japan for Mongolia, don't let them take any useful lands for themselves. If you have cavalry or tanks, use them here. Do not use any divisions with artillery, it will slow you down. When Mongolia falls, Tannu Tuva will be a piece of cake.

In the Soviet Far East, use 40% of your armies against Vladivostok and neighboring provinces. Make sure to also strike further on into every province bordering yours. As a sign of thier looming defeat to Germany, the Soviets should be very weak. Don't be as hostile to Japanese help in this region.

If you're feeling lucky, you can attack the USSR as early as 1941, but like Japan, you will be in a fight for your life if you attack earlier.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by Soviet territory and sporadic resistance, do not bother taking over regions with terrible infrastructure and low resources. Only do this if there are large armies to encircle. If you conquer Mongolia, send your large Mongolian armies directly to Central Asia. It is loosly guarded and contains the Soviet Industries moved from the West during the start of Barbarossa. Good news for your IC, bad news for Russia's. With these captured, it will be the USSR's death sentance.

Another event you need to be worried about is the Bitter Peace event. Not that you have a choice, just hope it doesn't happen or you will lose almost everything.

[ ]{#Whats_next_for_Manchukuo?} Whats next for Manchukuo?

Help Japan defeat its enemies in Asia. If you haven't already, finish of the Chinese (by this time, they should be in a very difficult position) and British India. If Japan hasn't touched Australia or New Zealand and your navy is up for the challenge, you could invade both countries.