Peace to end all Peace

This mod will give you the possibility to play as Imperial Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, etc in 1936, with the main idea than WWI never happened. The turning point? Here again Serbia is in the scenario- the Habsburg friendly Alexander I of Serbia was never assasinated, thus empeaching the more radical Peter I to rise to power, preventing terrorist movements to gain power, and by a domino effect, the assasination of Franz-Ferdinand, the Great War, and all the following crisis and events.

You may wonder: 'What is the point of playing with the 1914 borders? There is already a WWI mod for HoI2.' This mod will offer you something different. It will be a mix of the (excellent) 1914 mod, and the original 1936 campain. Alliances won't be the same cliché France-Britain-Russia against Germany & Co. But i won't tell you much now, I don't want to spoil your fun.

No major wars occured in Europe since the Franco Prussian war of 1871. The old continent is dominating the world even more than in 1914, and its economy is still ahead of America's, as no Great War or economical crisis occured. But the massive industrial build-up of Europe came at a cost, and the colonial empires are dependent of their colonies regarding resources.

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  • Current Version: 0.6.1
  • Last Update: July, 2008
  • Popularity: 1,000 posts
  • Compatibility: HOI2, DD, ARMA

Features Explained:

Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Some color improvements
AI Geared to scenario
Technology No changes.
Territory Complete changes to the map based on pre-World War I borders.
Events Some events to drive the scenario.
New Units No changes.
Game Mechanics No changes.