Strategy for Fall Weiß

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Fall Weiß Strategy for Germany

This battle scenario is relatively easy for German even in very hard/furious. Some tips to help in the conquest:

  • Always put all of the armies in offensive mode.
  • Try to attack from two provinces or more.
  • You may want to reshuffle (and promote) several leaders.
  • At all time, put your bombers in interdiction and air superiority for fighters. Also remember to rebase and change their area after you conquered the area.
  • Don’t bother with Polish navy. Just leave them alone since they can not do anything anyway.
  • Make sure you advance quickly and capture Warsaw, Zamosc and Brest-Litovsk before Soviet can seize them.

Fall Weiß Strategy for Poland

Probably not a very good tactic, and only tested on normal, but it can get the job done.

Note the rivers around Warsaw, and the two nearby provinces. Simply retreat all of your troops to these three provinces. That'll give you 16 VPs, enough for a strategic victory! The German AI won't dare to attack you, though you'll probably lose the Danzig garrison.