Transport Capacity

Transport Capacity

Transport Capacity (TC) is described in the TC tooltip rollover as trucks trains and river barges which are used to supply your armed forces with fuel and supply. TC is an abstract number as it is primarily based upon Industrial Capacity. The various modifiers that affect TC are shown in the tooltip:

TC is a direct function of IC – each point of IC gives you 1.5 TC

Note that IC for the TC calcuation is overall IC - it is not base IC. Multiply your overall IC by the two modifiers (technology and minister) and then by your infantry supply techs to get your Transport Capacity number. Ex.: multiply overall modified IC of 349 by 1.5 and then by 1.3 if you have the three infantry supply techs to get 681 TC.

The tooltip then repeats the overall TC status by displaying Used TC and Available TC. That line is followed by a list of modifiers that affect the TC calculation:

  • Technology Modifier on IC -> TC
  • Minister Modifier on IC ->TC
  • Fuel and Supply Transportation
  • Occupied Territory Maintenance
  • Redeployment Load
  • Partisan Activity
  • Undeployed Bases

The net effect of these modifiers are calculated and shown as:

== Current supply efficiency: 100.00%

Also note that convoys used for oversea resources and units are NOT part of the TC calculation. TC is very abstract as it is primarily based upon Industrial capacity. If convoys were used for countries like Japan , UK , and USA as part of the TC calculation, that would also severely handicap those countries that have to operate overseas and make a difficult situation almost impossible to handle within the game.


Each of the following technology's has a positive +10% TC modifier:

[ ]{#What_happen_if_my_TC_is_overloaded_(displayed_in_red)?} What happen if my TC is overloaded (displayed in red)?

Your troops will have lower supply efficiency , they gain org slower and thier speed will be reduced.

Further Information

Refer to the Transport Capacity and Supply Efficiency FAQ for more information.

Transport Capacity in HOI2 v1.3

  • Partisan Activity greatly increased by a factor of 4x. You need to actively suppress partisans in order to improve your TC. [# TC Load from partisans changed from 3.0 to 12.]
  • Base Partisan levels no longer decrease in annexed territory. Partisan levels slowly rise in all non national territory. [controlled by Nationalism settings in \db\misc.txt. # Monthly Nationalism reduction was 0.2 and is changed to -0.002 for version 1.3]
  • Building garrison div and MP bde is the best way to suppress partisan activity. The more that partisans are suppressed, the better that your TC will be when you are conquering territory.
  • Occupied Territory Maintenance (OTM) decreases by 1/3. Less OTM but much higher Partisan Activity.
    • [These OTM and partisan factors are controlled by the \db\misc.txt file.]
  • Accepting events like Vichy becomes even more important. Provinces acquired in events have only a 2% partisan activity base while in annexed territory the partisan activity base is much higher (24% for Germany). Partisan base level is 32% for Germany in occupied territory.
  • Both liberation and releasing colonies get dissent penalties in 1.3 Dissent from liberation ranges from 0.5 for democracies to 5 for authoritarian governments (puppet part of the government slider). Note that only in Doomsday, the dissent hit for liberation is cut in half for smaller countries which have around 5 or fewer total Victory Points.
  • Releasing colonies gets a even larger dissent hit; this is controlled by the new \db\events\colonial_release file in 1.3
  • Dissent is about a 1.5x multiplier for partisans. Get rid of dissent immediately in order to reduce partisan effects on your TC.