Modding Palettes

This file is accurate as of version 1.2

Just a quick table for which palette files are attached to which graphics. This is a work-in-progress; it is not complete.

In order for changes to take effect, the game must be quit and restarted. Note that only 8-bit BMPs use the palette files. As a result of this, there may be palette files that are associated with a graphic file, but because the graphic file is 24-bit, the palette file is not used.

Palette File Associations
Palette Filename Affected Files Description
Armypalette 3.bmp
  • GFX\Interface
  • GFX\Interfa ce\moveorderanim.bmp
Move order and Illegal Move Order feedback on map
attack_dark.bmp Attack arrow colour (the one that gets smaller as the army progresses along the arrow)
attack_light.bmp Attack arrow progress colour (the one that gets larger as the army progresses along the arrow)
beach_palette.bmp GFX\map\beach.bmp Beaches on the map
bg_diplomacy.bmp GFX\Interf ace\bg_diplomacy.bmp Background overlay of diplomacy screen
bg_production.bmp GFX\Interfa ce\bg_production.bmp Background overlay of production screen
bg_technology.bmp GFX\Interfa ce\bg_technology.bmp Background overlay of technology screen
  • G FX\map\airfield.bmp
  • GFX\map\antiair.bmp
  • GFX\map\city.bmp
  • GFX\map\coas tal_fortification.bmp
  • GFX\map\flak.bmp (?)
  • GFX\m ap\fortification.bmp
  • GFX\map\harbour.bmp
  • GFX\m ap\victory_point.bmp
Palette for on-map icons (also for the icons in the province overview)
o il_no_oil_palette.bmp GFX\Inte rface\oil_no_oil.bmp Oil icon for the plate display of divisions
m ap_circle_palette.bmp GFX\Inte rface\map_circle.bmp Map circles used in the Diplomatic mode to indicate national provinces.
points.bmp GFX\ Interface\points.bmp Victory Point Circles for the provinces.
tile.bmp map\tiles.bmp rivers for the main map.