Tannu Tuva strategy

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Tannu Tuva is a deceptively fun nation to play as- it just requires an awful lot of patience. Several years' worth, to be precise, in order to build up a credible army and international standing to do anything at all. But just remember- whilst people may initially say Tuva is merely a puppet- remember that in actual fact it is not. You're as free to leave the Comintern as you wish. Even the Mongolians don't have that much choice, and look how much more strategically important their lands are to the Soviets! If you think leaving the Comintern isn't worth it, think again. What will you gain by staying with the USSR? A load of territorial gains for the Soviets and then being forcibly annexed in 1944. Not a good deal, I think you'll agree. First you must accept that there is nothing you can do with regards to territorial gains. Believe me, I've tried. Convincing the USSR won't get you any of the provinces you need to reach Sinkiang- that is, Bijsk or Ziryanovsk, and there's no way Mongolia will give you Khobdo- it being their only victory point save for Ulan Bator. Basically, the advantages you do have are that:

  • In the middle of nowhere surrounded by friendly nations. No way you can be attacked.
  • Only one province to defend

Sure, you have some bad ministers and leaders but that can all be sorted out in the years to come when you are the one in a position to make demands. First, stay in the Comintern until the Winter War of 1938 against Finland. Once the Soviet Union DoWs Finland, if you stay in the Comintern during this time you'll have firmly established yourself in the anti-Axis camp. This is something you really do not want. The Axis powers and the Japanese will never have cordial relations with you but if you've never actually been at war with Finland they're less likely to DoW you once you leave the Comintern, which I would suggest doing by late 1937. Tannu Tuva doesn't have many trading materials- so to start off with you'll need to start trades with nations such as Communist China and Sinkiang, who are usually quite willing to give you their energy and supplies. Likewise, some of the left wing nations in South America such as Brazil can emerge as useful trading partners. To be honest, it is probably excusable to cheat a little as Tannu Tuva and give yourself some more cash. I mean, this is a tiny Siberian nation holding its own by 1938- give yourself a break!

Early Years

These should be spent developing, developing, and developing. You've only got one techteam slot- you'll never have a good enough industrial capacity to make Kyzyl produce infantry divisions as quickly as you'd like so instead research either the latest infantry division models or land doctrines. Start by producing more infantry divisions and adding them to your existing one on Kyzyl- by this time the USSR and Mongolia should be trading like crazy with you and giving you all their best tech blueprints. Forging a friendship with Communist China is a good thing in one sense but could jeapordise your relationship with Sinkiang (which is something you'll want eventually anyway but not just yet). Given that there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them, just use them for trading with. If you do ally with them, by no means send expeditionary forces. If you think your few Tuvan divisions can help at all you'll be proven wrong very unpleasantly by the might of the Japanese Army. Now it's time to leave the Comintern. If you've played your cards right, you should have got around six to seven blueprints from the USSR and have founded loads of trade agreements with them which will continue even though you're not an ally anymore. From here on the game will be a war of attrition for you- the next three years will be solely building divisions. Not too fun but highly necessary. Whatever you do, do not cancel the USSR's military access through your lands. You need something to decieve them into thinking you are in their Soviet sphere of influence. Start by building, then adding a few simple brigades (armoured cars and artillery are good)- but remember you only have 5 IC, so don't get too optimistic.

The German War Machine

By the time Barbarossa is declared, you should reckon on having three units with three divisions in each, two of them definitely under your best commanders- Bogaichuk and Tovarischtaj. Since you'll have a reasonable army for a nation your size, there's really no worry about consumer goods at least for a few months. Spend all your IC on production- after all, there's only one province where there could be revolts, and that has your entire army standing guard! It is now incredibly tempting to declare war on the USSR. That would be a fatal mistake. They may look weak but think of all the troops still near the Manchurian border and Vladivostok. Your army will be no match for them. Remember that under usual circumstances, Tannu Tuva would be sending all its troops to fight Germany. However, remember that you're not doing that at the moment... and since the Soviets need all the troops they can get, your lack of participation may make a dent in their war plans to an extent. Just casually watch as the German border gets closer to Moscow. If they take Moscow- which they probably should- you have a fairly good bet that the Germans will be chasing the USSR way back past Naberezhniye Chelny- where their capital will be relocated to.

[ ]{#And_now_the_fun_begins!} And now the fun begins!

If the Germans reach Omsk, move all your IC to supplies and consumer goods. DoW the USSR before the Germans reach Semipalatinsk and start land-grabbing. By now all the Manchurian border units will have been sent to the West and the Mongols shouldn't be too much of a threat. Send one of your divisions to Khobdo, and then on to Ulan Bator to annex Mongolia, and the other two on to Irkutsk and Shushkenoye respectively. Irkutsk can be useful in keeping the Soviets in check, as it causes a huge buffer between themselves and the advancing German front, since Lake Baikal is in the way. Wonderful for a natural defensive front, it also gives you 3 more IC points. Shushkenoye and the neighbouring province of Ojrot-Tura are tactically important as they can allow you to reach Abakan and Krasnoyarsk- yet more IC and a way to press on to Yakutsk if necessary. But remember- after your troops in the North have taken lands for Tuva and the Germans' front presses, on send more troops down to Central Asia. There will still be Soviet divisions there waiting for you who may take the oppurtunity of your distraction with taking Siberia to take Kyzyl. Then you'd really look an idiot. Instead, loop around and take provinces bordering Sinkiang- the more the better- to make the invasion of Sinkiang easier later on. Liberating Kyrgyzstan if possible can help as they get more IC 'from heaven'

[ ]{#What_next?} What next?

Be careful in future. Getting involved with the Chinese Civil War is incredibly messy- you can be tactful with the Siberian front and making the most of Barbarossa, but there's no way you'll ever be able to match the Chinese manpower. Tactics won't do you any good when the whole Nationalist Chinese Army comes knocking on your door. If Japan DoWs the Soviet Union, you have won. Even if this happens early on in the game you have a fairly good chance of survival since the USSR will also be fighting the Germans and Finns no matter what happens. Annexing Sinkiang is well worth it, and maybe even on to Tibet, but don't get too lucky. Afghanistan and Persia would be a lucky strike, but pause and take a breather. Tuva will need plenty of new divisions in order to do much more than take the USSR and Mongolia's territories. Be realistic, be careful, and by all means be patient. Tuva can be rewarding to play as but you need to save often and think carefully. One wrong turn could be your destruction.

mehmet12, 23/4/08