Partisan and Dissent FAQ

Partisan and Dissent

[ ]{#Why_do_I_have_a_high_dissent_level?} Why do I have a high dissent level?

Some of the causes:

  • Not enough consumer goods allocated
  • Event effect
  • Change of minister
  • Not enough supply

[ ]{#How_to_reduce_dissent?} How to reduce dissent?

Dissent can be reduced by increasing the production of consumer goods. Certain events also reduce dissent level.

[ ]{#How_to_reduce_partisan_level?} How to reduce partisan level?

Reduce any dissent and put garrisons with MP brigades in high partisan activity provinces. Make sure to set the garrison's mission to 'anti-partisan duty'.

[ ]{#Will_occupied/annexed_non_national_provinces_have_0%_partisan_level?} Will occupied/annexed non national provinces have 0% partisan level?


[ ]{#Will_occupied/annexed_provinces_ever_reach_0%_partisan_level?,_and_stay_there_without_any_units_nearby?} Will occupied/annexed provinces ever reach 0% partisan level?, and stay there without any units nearby?

No. In 1.3 base partisan levels do not decrease but instead will slightly increase over time. You get the lowest base partisan level when accepting events like Vichy (2%). Annexed territory has a much higher base partisan level (25% for Germany) while occupied territory has the highest base (33% for Germany).

Garrison divisions or garrison divisions with military police (MP) brigades on antipartisan missions are the best way to reduce partisan levels.

In previous versions of the game (1 thru 1.2), partisan levels in annexed territory would gradually reduce to 2%.