The WIF mod is designed to make Hearts of Iron a more challenging, realistic and historic game with many events, a new combat system, new AI, new graphics and sounds. Will you surrender to an AI for the first time ?

Features Explained:

Feature Description
Graphics & Sound GIP & SKIF are included, as well as alot of custom graphics made by the WiF team. New music playlists that you can choose in game to bring a whole new atmosphere to the game (something like 600 MB when compressed). Some event trigger certain tracks such as Pearl Harbor announcement, including many speeches.
AI All major AI revised, many minors as well. AI is no longer sitting around. It now DOES want to destroy you.
Technology Land doctrine and naval trees completely revised. Small changes in the other trees.
Territory Changed the whole infrastructure/resources/manpower/ICs/terrain type layout. Political map includes graphic depictions of terrain types.
Events A large number of new events, especially with gameplay
New Units Waffen SS, Gurkhas, SAS, US Marines, US Rangers, Soviet winter troops and many other specific units.
Game Mechanics Revised land/sea/air combat systems.