[ ]{#The_East_is_Red_–_Goering’s_Delay} The East is Red -- Goering's Delay

The East is Red -- Goering's Delay is an evolution of a long term multiplayer HOI II modding endeavour started in 2007. Aimed at creating a flexible and balanced multiplayer experience in HOI2 DD Armageddon the system was originally designed solely for multiplayer gaming it has now been upgraded with AI enhancements so that it will play out in single player mode.

The Balance of Power and Floating Historical Events:

In HOI II one can pretty much depend on certain things happening at a certain time in the game. One knows that Germany is 99% likely to invade Poland in late August 1939, that Anschluss will happen in March 1939, that Munich will happen in the fall of 1938 and the Czech Republic will fall in the Spring of 1939. Good enough, but this is also predictable, and allows players to make set build orders defined by simple strategies. If players step beyond the scripted events, the historical event train is lost. In the East is Red -- Goering’s Delay almost all of the important historical events are tied into the balance of military power between Germany and the Allies. So while players options in the run up to the war are limited by the Treaty of Versailles and non-aggression pacts between the worlds major powers the arms race is on, and nothing can be predicted. German ability to annex Austria, and force Czech compliance to its demand for the Sudetenland is dependent on having equal or superior military land forces at its disposal.

The Austrians and the Czechs are not just going to give in because Hitler says so. Once Germany has military parity or better with the Allies the historical events will begin to fire and the Treaty of Versaille will end. Anschluss will surely fire sometime after January 1938, and sometime after that Germany will be able to end the Treaty of Versailles, removing its Non-Aggression Pacts with the most of the European countries. From that point on Germany has many options. It can immediately invade Czech, or seek to make it fall by making territorial demands. Germany could even seek to bring Czechoslovakia into its alliance if the government is compatible. It could even ignore Czechoslovakia entirely and go straight for Poland, or even hope to keep Poland temporarily out of the war, and strike west immediately for Belgium and try to catch the French unprepared, and snap up Denmark on the way.

In short Germany gets to decide when and how WWII will begin, without losing the main lines of the historical event train .

Features Explained:

Feature Description
Multiplayer Dedicated The entire system designed to be first and foremost to be multi-player playable for balance and to account for A-historical variation in Four and Six player set ups
Floating Historical Events System War can commence anytime after January 1938. Early or late invasion of Poland, Czech, Belgium, Denmark Yugoslavia, without disturbing the WWII event train.
East is Red Asian Events System Limited conquest of China used to make the Asian theater balance in MP
Reactive A-historical Diplomatic AI The AI's for the major powers make reasonable pro-active and reactive strategic decisions, of the kind made by human players in reaction to events, so the game can be played in Single Player mode.
New Playable Country The East is Red introduces the "British Raj" as a playble country in HOI II. This is not India, nor is it England, but something in between: A British Puppet in Asia.
Geography Map enhanced using Durruti's MEM map to ease up common bottlenecks in France and Spain, and other additions.
Land Combat Mechanics Long duration combat system. Higher division costs to reduce division count down to historical levels.
Air-Naval Mechanics Entirely revamped "anti-shipping" war system designed to make carriers and surface fleets the rulers of sea, not land based air. Complete with new specialized Air-Naval doctrine tree and new Naval Bomber types.
Air Combat Mechanics Air power made more reasonable
Mobilization Techs New techs for war mobilization and manpower drafts
New Event Trains "Turkey Divided", "The East is Red", "The Hundred Regiments Offensive", "Military and Industrial Co-operation" (USSR/Germany), "The Vacillations of Comrade Stalin", "UK Leans on Norway", "Belligerent Italy", "Reactive Move Industry System for USSR" and more.