The Comintern is one of three major alliances in HoI. Comintern is led by USSR and generally built amongst left-wing authoritarian governments. In real life Comintern was political international of communist and socialist parties, what funded for example Mao Zedong's Chinese communist rebels . It is also known as Com munist Intern ational or Third International .


  • USSR
    The leader of Comintern in all scenarios is USSR. USSR is huge federation in Eastern Europe and Asia. USSR is only great nation in Comintern, but it's most industrialized state in HoI2. Her allies are mostly weak, and can only send small forces to help she in her battle.
  • Tannu Tuva : one-province nation between Mongolia and USSR near Baikal lake. Normally USSR annexes Tannu Tuva in 1944.
  • Mongolia : huge nation between Chinese cliques and USSR. It also has border with Tannu Tuva. Mongolia has same IC and manpower than Tannu Tuva.
  • Eastern Europe : When Soviet armies reaches Eastern Europe, this launch events, where fascists nations in Eastern Europe have Soviet revolution and joins to Comintern. These nations are: Finland , Hungary , Romania and Bulgaria .