Dissent is a value to show the unrest in your population. A dissent of 0% means that you have no problems at all, while any other/higher value has negative impact on:

  • Partisan activity in conquered territory (and so TC )
  • Effective IC (and so TC )
  • Combat

The value rises when

  • A country does not produce enough consumer goods
  • Certain events happen
  • Minister changes - even if it is due to a random death event
  • A country releases a minor. The amount depends on the democracy slider and ranges from 0.5% for a full democracy to 5% for a full authorian government. Very small minors only cause half the dissent hit for the releasing country. Some countries have an extra dissent hit (e.g. if you release Scandinavia as Germany you get an extra 15% dissent)
  • A few events have a dissent hits to *punish* unhistorical choices by the player.

Dissent reduces when

  • A country produces more consumer goods than needed
  • Due to certain events (e.g. military parade, some peace deals, elections)