Strategy for Winter War

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Winter War Strategy for Soviet Union

Played in normal/normal.

This scenario is difficult and very dependent on luck. If you are lucky, you may receive many troops and reinforcement. If you are not, then prepare for a very tough war. Before starting, we should make a good defensive setup to contain Finnish troops. Note that you may change troop allocation depending on the situation. Recommended setup before starting the game:

  • Put all fighter planes on air superiority in Karelia.
  • Put all bombers on interdiction in Karelia.
  • Move 10. Tank Corps in Luga to Petrozavodsk.
  • Move the rest of the army in Luga and Kingisep to Leningrad.
  • Move 1. Corps in Petrozavodsk to Kem.
  • Move the navy in Leningrad to Gulf of Finland.
  • Make sure you assign Soviet's best leaders to all of the units (i.e. don't let Zhukov and Konev sit in your leader pool).

When the game starts, attack Kajaani with troops in Murmask and Kandalaksja. Cancel the attack after you win the battle (do not occupy the province). Attack Joensuu with troops in Kem and Petrozavodsk. Like the previous one, cancel the attack after you are victorious and do not occupy the province. The reason is that Finland has many troops thus it will be almost impossible to defend them.

Wait until most of the Finnish army has left Viipuri. While you are waiting, you may receive a number of events asking how much reinforcement you want. Always ask for the most extra manpower and supply. You will need them. If you are lucky, you may receive extra troops randomly. After only around 6 troops left in Viipuri, attack it with all troops in Leningrad. If you lose then fall back, put the troops into offensive mode and try to attack again as soon as possible.

When you have captured Viipuri, the game becomes easy. Just capture all of the VPs in Southern Finland to gain strategic victory.

Winter War Strategy for Finland

Played in very hard/furious.

Compared to the Soviet's, this scenario is relatively easy as Finland. Move all except 6 divisions in Viipuri to Sortavala. For some reason the AI will not attack Viipuri although it has chance to win if it does. When you start the game, you will lose two of the northern provinces. It is not important to hold them, what is important is to hold Oulu (the Northern VP).

In Finnish Foreign Policy Decision event, do not ask for any help. You don't need it and it will prevent early strategic victory.

From Sortavala and Mikkeli, attack and recapture Joensuu. Make sure to leave enough troops in Sortavala. From Joensuu, make your way to Kajaani. At this moment, your northern troops can be overwhelmed by Soviet. If they do, fall back to Oulu. Make sure Oulu does not fall. Just wait until 15 January 1940 and you will gain strategic victory.