Persian events

Persia is subject to the following events:

[ ]{#A_democratic_coup_d’état_happened_to_us} A democratic coup d'état happened to us

Bowing to the inevitable, the old regime has given way to democratic elements within our nation. A prosperous, and free future awaits us. ID: 936

Trigger conditions

  • lost_national = { country = SOV value = 5 }
  • Germany at war with United Kingdom, and Soviet Union
  • No war between United Kingdom, Soviet Union, or Persia
  • Persia not allied to United Kingdom or Soviet Union

Mean time to happen

25 months


  • Ends alliances
  • Terminated trades with Germany.
  • Grantes military access to United Kingdom and Soviet Union (Vanilla only)
  • Various changes to advisors
  • -50 relation to Germany
  • 25 relation to Soviet Union
  • 100 relation to United Kingdom
  • Domestic policies: Democratic=4, Political left = 5, Freedom = 3, Free Market = 5, Professional Army = 3, Defense Lobby = 5, Interventionism = 6
  • -3 dissent
  • Doomsday: Become puppet of United Kingdom

The AI ​​chooses this option in 90% of cases.

Crush this coup

  • +15 Dissent
  • +25 relation with Germany
  • Enters war with United Kingdom, and Soviet Union

The AI ​​chooses this option in 10% of cases.

In Doomsday, Persia can have a militarist or democratic coup is dissent is between 4 and 8. It occurs automatically if dissent hits 8.

In Doomsday, when the Soviet Union isn't at war with major powers, may secede six provinces to Persia.

Persia also has an impact on other events:

  • By having an alliance with United Kingdom, prevents the Iraqui coup and intervention in Syria/Lebanon (event 100003)