Combined Arms

Combined Arms is a combat modifier that can be acheaved via mixed formations (refer Land Combat Efficiency FAQ )

  • when units number <= Command Penalty Capacity ( CPC )(not double),
  • To get the Combined Arms bonus, the mix of hard vs soft divisions has to be within a range of 1/3 to 2/3. Typically that would be 1:2 or 2:1
  • The hard divisions are armor, light armor, and mech. Soft divisions are everything else including HQ. Brigades are not a factor in the ratio.
    • attacker: Eff+5%
    • defender: Eff+15%
    • The CA bonus is set in the \db\misc.txt file and can be modified. The designation of which div are hard and which are soft, however, is set up in the executable file and is not modifiable.
    • To qualify for the combined arms bonus, it is not sufficient for hard and soft divisions to just be in the same province. The divisions must be in the same formation under one leader. Mech and armor in the same formation do not get the combined arms bonus since both are hard targets. Motor and armor, or infantry and armor, would qualify for the bonus.
    • This thread discusses some testing done about this.