Cold War Vietnam

Vietnam War Version 3.0 by FRVP

Fantastic historical scenario 1963 - 1975. Playable countries: North and South Vietnam, USA, USSR, Thailand, China, North and South Korea. Also included are Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Phillipines and Taiwan.

Made for Armageddon v1.2 but should work for all. Unzip to Armaggedon, Doomsday or Ho2 directory.

There are some minor changes and additions to some db, minister, leader and tech files (see below). New graphics were added for a few new units, ministers and events.

New units: Nuclear Sub, M41 Light-Tank, Titan ICBM, Special Forces Green Beret. New technology: Jungle Warfare. New music: optional awesome sound track for the era in two zips: pre 68 and post 67, use one or both.

Requirements: You will need a time-limit fix for your version to go beyond 1964! For HOI2 users only (NOT AMGN OR DD): You will need to unzip the VN_HO2 patch to your HOI2 directory.

All files scanned for virises: Vietnam 3.0 - 2mb Pre 68 soundtrack - 35mb Post 67 soundtrack - 37mb VN_ho2 patch - 50k

Files Amended: (you may want to back these up) Config: world_names.csv, tech_names.csv, unit_names.csv, models.csv DB: country.csv, revolt.txt Ministers: all playable countries Leaders: usa.csv, vietnam.csv Tech: special_weapons_tech.txt, infantry_tech.txt, armor_tech.txt Units/Division: flying_rocket.txt, light_armor.txt, paratrooper.txt GFX/Palete: counter_idc.bmp