Carrier Task Force

[ ]{#Carrier_Task_Force_(CTF)} Carrier Task Force (CTF)

The Carrier Task Force (CTF) is quite different to the Surface Action Group (SAG). The CTF relies on driving its enemy from the area rather than killing its enemy. When properly used, a CTF is the most potent surface combatant group in the game.

CTF Composition

A strong composition for a CTF, considering a fleet size of 18, is as follows:

  • 6 CVs depending on the level of enemy resistance expected
  • 2 CVLs as damage soaks against surface ships in bad weather
  • 10 DDs to provide screens for the capitals, defence against subs and enemy air

Some players advocate using CAs instead of CVLs as damage soaks. For HoI2, this was the ideal soaking ship, as the CVL didn't exist. For Doomsday and Armageddon, however, a CVL is better suited, as it has a far better detection/visibility ratio than a CA.