Visit the Mod Matrix for a comparison of mods. Note - none of the mods listed below are being updated anymore (many have not been updated for years) and for a majority of these mods, the download location is a dead link. Your only way to obtain the mod would be to contact the person who made the mod via the forums, if they are still active.

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[ WW2 Mods ]{#W

W2_Mods .mw-headline}

Red](/wiki/EIR “EIR”)

[ Speciali

zed Mods ]{#Specializ ed_Mods .mw-headline}

[ Altern

ative WW2 ]{#Alternat ive_WW2 .mw-headline}

Peace](/wiki/Peace_ to_end_all_Peace “Pea ce to end all Peace”) : WWI never occured - A.E.I.O.U. : The Central Powers lost WWI, but the nations remained - Turtledove : The Central Powers won WWI, Confederacy exists

[ Spe

cific Historical Mods ]{#Specific_Historic al_Mods .mw-headline}

Pack](/wiki/China_ Improvement_Pack “Chi na Improvement Pack”) : Significant improvements to Chinese events - Vietnam War : The American war in Vietnam 1963-1975 - WER S Polish-Soviet War of 1920 (scenario)

[ Grand Historical M ods ]{#Grand_Historic al_Mods .mw-headline}

Draka](/wiki/Dominati on_of_the_Draka “Domi nation of the Draka”) : based on the Stirling books - Napoleon - [Yugoslav

Wars](/wiki/Yugoslav_ Wars “Yugoslav Wars”) for Doomsday Amragedon Mod

[ Ob

solete Mods ]{#Obsole te_Mods .mw-headline}

Miscellaneous Resources

General modding guides