Technology and Research FAQ

Technology and Research

[ ]{#How_many_tech_teams_slots_can_a_country_have?} How many tech teams slots can a country have?

Countries can have a maximum of 5. Each country starts with one. For every 20 base IC (modifiers do not matter for this), a country gets 1 more tech team slot. 20 to 39 base has two slots, 40 to 59 base has three slots, 60 to 79 base has four slots, and 80+ means the maximum of 5 slots.

[ ]{#Why_isn’t_Rolls-Royce_in_the_game?} Why isn't Rolls-Royce in the game?

From Johnny Cannuck :
In terms of Rolls-Royce, the decision was made to exclude it on the basis that the major British aircraft manufacturers were already included, such as Supermarine. Not having Rolls-Royce does not in any real way affect the ability of the British to research aircraft techs.

This same theory also applies to other tech teams, organizations, and corporations that exist in the real world but are not present in the game. Oftentimes, they simply duplicate what is already in a nation's tech team list and do not add anything new to the nation's ability to research tech. This is most commonly seen in tech tree branches that are linear, like nuclear research or synthetic oil production. You may only research one of these techs at a time, so there is really no need for other teams in the game that have the same skills.

[ ]{#What_effect_does_blueprint_have?} What effect does blueprint have?

It halves the research time.

[ ]{#What_is_the_difference_between_blue_and_red_specialties?} What is the difference between blue and red specialties?

Red denotes doctrines.

[ ]{#Why_the_last_part_(fifth)_of_the_research_sub-topic_seem_to_take_longer_time_than_the_others?} Why the last part (fifth) of the research sub-topic seem to take longer time than the others?

The last part of many research categories take twice as long as the other sub-topics. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire in-game way of knowing whether a particular category has a double_time last component. Although a good rule of thumb is that if the last component is named either "prototype" or "processes" it will take twice as long as normal. Version 1.2 highlights the difficult component with a very high value e.g. 20.

[ ]{#What_effect_does_it_have_if_I_have_research_team_with_matching_specialty_with_my_research_topic?} What effect does it have if I have research team with matching specialty with my research topic?

The sub-topic that uses that matching specialty will have the research time halved. There is much more information available in the Research guide.

[ ]{#What’s_the_deal_with_oil_conversion_techs?} What's the deal with oil conversion techs?

See the primer on Energy_to_Oil_Conversion .

[ ]{#What_do_Encryption/Decryption_technologies_actually_do?} What do Encryption/Decryption technologies actually do?

The Army Detection chance modifiers affect your ability to see what type of units and exactly how many your enemy has. That is, if your decryption is higher than the enemy's encryption, you gain information on unit composition, numbers, etc, and it works in reverse as well, hiding the true composition of your forces from the enemy.

Surprise Chance modifiers are applied to combat efficiency. When you attack a territory, you may surprise your enemy, gaining a 20% bonus. You may check for this bonus by holding the cursor over any unit in combat.

IntOp Chance modifiers are used to determine various events within the game, such as stealing blueprints, sabotage events, and assassination attempts. The true mechanism for triggering these events remains a mystery.