Strategy for Fall Grün

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Fall Grün Strategy for Czechoslovakia

This strategy is good enough to obtain marginal victory in very hard/furious.

A few points to be mentioned before starting:

  1. Order your fighters to have air superiority over Bohemia, they are not strong but can help a little.
  2. Set the bomber to interdiction in Austria. Other regions are also fine but Austria is better if you follow the strategy below.
  3. Always put all of your troops in offensive mode. You have virtually infinite supply but weak armies and facing constant bombardment.

When the game starts, order the unit in Pilsen (6 divisions) to support defence Strakonice. The original defender will definitely lose in very hard (it can hold on in normal) but you should be able to take hold of Strakonice with the 6 divisions from Pilsen.

After the German attack has ended, from the 6 divisions reinforcing Strakonice, send one unit (preferably the one with artillery) to Usti. This is important since they will try to attack Usti if it is too weak. Move the original retreating garrison of Strakonice back to Strakonice.

Now the next objective is to create enough distraction for the German such that it can not mount an effective offensive. A very good way to do it is by attacking Hollabrun from Brno supported by Bratislava garrison. Capturing it will force German to try move and recapture it. If you captured Hollabrun but lost to the counter attack, do not worry, just fall back to Brno.

An important point is that if you do the strategy above, many German troops will be converging around Hollabrun. This is bad because they will then try to attack Tabor. Of course you can prevent them from winning the battle in Tabor by attacking Hollabrun when they attack Tabor. It will give huge penalty to German attack as well as (most of the time) wins you the battle in Hollabrun.

Keep attacking (and retreating from) Hollabrun until the game ends and you will obtain marginal victory.