Vietnam War

The Vietnam War version 5.0 by FRVP with Map, Final Version
compatable with all versions! new map ~ new units ~ new music ~ new sprites

Great historical full-function scenario of the American war in Vietnam 1963 - 1975, with other possible outcomes to certain events. Many rivers, monsoons, jungles and VC guerrilla atacks.

Start out in 1963 with the Diem and Kennedy assasinations and proceed though the many Vietnam era events from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to past the S.A.L.T. treaty in 1975. Nuclear tensions are high with USA, Soviets and China while Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Korea battle with communism. Besides the Vietnam War, Vietnam offers other possible regional conflicts such as another Korean war (technically they are still at war today), the Soviet-China conflict, Malaysia-Indonisian conflict and a China-Taiwan conflict. It also has civil wars for the shaping of government in countries such as Cambodia and Laos which could allow attacks within their neutral territories.

Playable countries: North or South Vietnam, Viet Cong, USA, USSR, China, Thailand, North or South Korea. Also included are Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Phillipines, Indonisia, Malaysia and Singapore. Hmong, Australian and New Zealand are represented. Best played with agressive AI settings.

New units: Green Beret, AH-1 Cobra, Advanced Supersonic Fighter, Nuclear Sub, M41 Light-Tank, Titan ICBM, ABM, Paladin, Missile Launcher, Attack Helicopters, Advanced Air Cavalry. New brigades: M42 Duster, M113 armored car, Mobile rocket launcher, Improved transport. New sprites: M-41 complete sprite other basic 'stand' sprites for both Vietnams and USA.

New music: Awesome optional sound track for the era in two zips: pre 68 and post 67, use one or both. To get the whole effect you really need both. Sound track rated PG!

Major map files change: 29 textured new territories added. Back up your originals? (see below) There are some minor changes or additions to some config, db, minister, leader and tech files. New graphics were added for a few new units, ministers, leaders and events. A couple counters, flags and shields were modified. A helicopter sprite was added. New AI files for all countries involved were added. Jungle warfare is enhanced.

Made vanilla friendly for Armageddon v1.1 but will work for all with the correct patch. Unzip files to Armaggedon, Doomsday or HOI2 top-level directory. No patch needed for Armageddon.

Files Amended: (you may want to back these up) Config: world_names.csv, tech_names.csv, unit_names.csv, models.csv, province_names.csv DB: country.csv, revolt.txt, province.csv /Ministers: all playable countries /Leaders: all playable countries /Tech: special_weapons_tech.txt, infantry_tech.txt, armor_tech.txt, aircraft_tech.txt /Units/divisions: flying_rocket.txt, light_armor.txt, paratrooper.txt, cavalry.txt, multirole.txt GFX/map/shields: shield_u72.bmp, shield_idc.bmp GFX/map/flags: flag_u72.bmp, flag_idc.bmp GFX/palete: counter_idc.bmp, counter_U72.bmp GFX/skins/default: fullscreen.bmp, sidebar_A.bmp, topbar.bmp MAP: all map files

Requirements:, 9MB. Version 5.2 is the latest., 33 MB. Version 5.0 is the latest. You will need a no-time-limit fix for your version to go beyond 1964! For DD users only: You will need to unzip the VN_DD patch to your DD directory. For HOI2 users only: You will need to unzip the VN_HOI2 patch to your HOI2 directory.

Thanks to Jamie for his Map Maker and Hilsdorf and Strits1945 for their contributions! FRVP ~ Creator of Vietnam War Scenario

Download here, Enjoy!:

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