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This guide is about how Brazil can become a leading role in HoI.

Tip: Try also the Argentina strategy infos, some things are same with Argentina.


In early game (1936) you have to go fast on expansion. Concentrate mainly on all Infantry Types. Conquer South America as fast as it can be done (with no war coming from USA). USA has guarantees to all american continent countries! So, this is one (maybe the only?) tricky part.

[ ]{#Key_Data_/_Timeline} Key Data / Timeline

Key Facts at a glance:

  • Feb. '36 - Annex Uruguay
  • Mar. '36 - Annex Paraguay
  • Mar. '36 - IC 40, Tech-Slot #3
  • Sep. '36 - Annex Venezuela
  • Oct. '37 - 11: Election-Event
  • Winter'37 - IC 60, Tech-Slot #4
  • Summer'39 - Annex Bolivia
  • Oct. '39 - 11: Election-Event
  • Winter'39 - IC 80, Tech-Slot #5
  • Summer'40 - Annex Argentina
  • Summer'41 - Annex Peru & Ecuador
  • Dec. '41 - Policy Initiative Event
  • Summer'42 - Annex Columbia
  • ...

...i have to prove some dates etc. - don't believe everything but you can take it as benchmark.


First: Kill your fleet (except the transporters). Produce 3 Militias (the should be ready by Feb.15). Check your research (industry & research).

  • With your bigger army travel to São Paulo - where your transporters will wait for traveling to conquer Uruguay.
  • Your smaller army send directly to the Border to Asunción(Paraguay).

Try do this as fast and without timeloss as you can. Conquer Uruguay before the 10th of Febr. - for some reasons USA will less likely break the non aggression pact with you. Next is Paraguay , wait for the additional forces(3 militias) on Febr. 14/15 let them join your smaller army, choose a leader with engineering because of river (Valgas Neves) and attack Paraquay, maybe you have to attack a second time (snow, frozen, river...). When finished with building militias immediately build a naval base in the top north region (Macapá) (we'll get to it later).

I tried these two 'Blitzkrieg' several times, and if you're fast enough and a little bit lucky, you still have the non aggression pact with USA.

(since this actions are in the very beginning fast to play, you maybe want to try this several times too .…to get the perfect timing ;))

[ ]{#The_road_to_war_(1936-1938)} The road to war (1936-1938)

About the 15th of March '36 you should have annexed the both countries - watch out the techtree, you should now have an additional Techslot. I chose Rear Area Supply Dumps next, that gives you the Engineers addon, witch you really need most - because of this big 'rivercontinent'.

Split your army in Paraguay, you'll need it for 'anti partisan' order. Now build 1 Mountain Inf & 1 normal Inf for the next target! The next target on your list is Venezuela, this is a big advantage compared to Argentina, if you have Venezuela you control the oilmarket ;) you need these resources and the additional IC for Techslot #4 and Trade!!! In the beginning mainly with USA.

Conquering Venezuela is easy with the preparations done: End of July/Beginning of August the Naval Base in the north is ready, before that, split your army in Montevideo(Uruguay) just leave the militia for 'anti partisan'. Put everything else in your transportships and rebase to Macapá. Join your forces with the 2 units, its possible to have 2 armies with 3 divisions this time. Put your transporters to the sea square between the 2 key regions - land your troops (Barquisimeto), take the regions, annex. Again split, and 'anti-partisan'.

Now it's about end of 1936 and you did a great job. USA now for sure canceled the NAP - time to build up your regions, advance your research and increase your standings with USA. Build Industry! By the end of 1937, latest Febr. 38 you should have 80 IC = 4 Techslots!

Until this point perfect handling of resources and supply/production sliders is necessary, don't make it automatic, watch your self over it - remember - right click on a slider to fix the position for easier use. Also it's essential to handle all the partisans - to reduce all malus. you should have enough manpower and ressources to build about 4 garrisons with MP thats normally enough to handle the 3 annexed countries.

Don't build to much now! Update some Infrastructure, and build factories, but look forward to get as much money as you can until the end of 1938 - you have to use this for influencing and trading. Trade manually! Make some little presents to instantly increase the relations, you have enough resources. With your growing masses of res you'll get a role like soviets! Especially the oil-increase is never-ending! Trade for money!

Now you're feeling good right now, everything is flourishing... ok, some workers are striking... but you don't sense that really do you?

You want more... !

[ ]{#Brazil_as_a_Major_Player_(1939-1942)} Brazil as a Major Player (1939-1942)

The next Targets are: Bolivia and Argentina.


Early '39 advance from Asunción to Sucre to La Paz (No need to stress, let your army Reorg. in Sucre (you should have some HQ's now by the way). Annex Bolivia, don't librate, because you'll lose Asunción else - because of claims.

Position your Garrison MP and Circle your troups around North Argentina.


If you want to stress things up, you can try to take Argentina late '39, i waited until spring '40 (because of some minor mistakes). Best way to get the key regions is from 3 sides. North (there is your 'old' elite army), and from sea and Montevideo. To do that - i have built 3 more armies (mot. inf!, and some cheaper). Get ready with your Transport @ Mar del Plata, and directly from Montevideo - as back up& support -> river! marines come in handy with a engi leader and engi upgrade - you rock! But you maybe don't really need that, however - building these units is never wrong for later game. Attack! with your' superiour research and 2 or 3 HQ's you will totally own Argentina (maybe it's harder if you try it late '39. in '40 it was very simple).

WOW, you'll say - what's that! - i'fe got about 100 IC Points now??? 5 Techslots and NEVER-ENDING RESOURCES! I'm really a major player now right?.

Yes, and no. You have anything a major player had 4 years ago but you have no tank, no planes, no ships - but a hell of a infantry! You should rest again, just one year - reduce your dissidents - upgrade your army, build maybe some factories more.

Late 1941 run for Peru , if you have enough good Mountain Inf. you can also get Ecuador right after it . It's now early 1942 the world is in a great war, USA will declare war to Germany. You have a dangerous high belligerence, maybe you should think about liberating Peru and Ecuador to decrease it.

You can risk taking Columbia . However you should now really think about defending your big continent (except Chile, yes you don't want them, besides, they love you ;), best west coast defense btw. ). Try to build some Fortresspoints with broad access to shores and much connections eg.: Maracaibo, Boa Vista, Goias, Rosario, San Carlos de Bariloche. Put fast Armies there with about 5 Divisions, the more the better - time is short, manpower will be enough, res you have plenty! Usually you don't have to fear the west side - concentrate on the east shores.


  • Maybe you should choose to attack Columbia first (have to try that) - maybe even before bolivia.

Whenever you're think you're ready let the great war begin...

[ ]{#Brazil_in_the_Great_War_(~1942-?)} Brazil in the Great War (~1942-?)

If you did it until here. Relax. You can fight now ALL non-Allied Forces. Take everything in Amerika, (except Canada & USA, other allied islands)

If you accomplished that you probably have a higher beligerence than germany... i ended up about 180...

Don't be silly and try to attack Allies or Germany - you'll have no chance winning here... - except USA & Germany had a good fight in europe... pitty me, usa stayed @ home. so all of their armies are @ home.

You have a tiny little techno. advantage... but that's nothing if you fight with an army of 40 division against 80+ ;)


There are more Regions out there waiting for you - like Portugal - most of the time they have no alliance. Or Vichy France... and so on. I stopped the game about 1948 - because Germany had an big advantage - and you had no chance to do anything about it.

This fast game in the beginning is a bad end later in the game - because of your high beligerence no one wants to ally with you. and fighting alone against soviets, germans and allies... no thanks.


Maybe it's better to relax in the beginning, just taking Venezuela (because of the oil), and then try to get into an alliance, after that follow the path of conquering south & middle america. Use the Fortress strategy with the positions described above, this works very well.


Infantry, Land Doctrine, Industry - nothing else.

[ ]{#Politics_&_Events} Politics & Events

You have several events where you can switch from radical-left to democratic right, so you don't need to advance here.

USA is influencing a lot, so check the us politics for what you don't like and advance that.

in the beginning: hawk & intervention are your best choices (like most of the campaigns).