Guatemala is located in Central America. It has 4 neighbors-Britain in Belize , Mexico , El Salvador , and Honduras . The IC is 7, the highest in Central America. You also have claims on the one-territory country of El Salvador . Your government is corrupt, ineffective, and full of just plain ole' bad leaders. Good ministers come at the beginning of WW2.


  • Upgrade your IC. You must have sufficient IC to wage war against neighbors, and lower dissent.
  • Push Diplomacy bar to Interventionism. You need less dissent from war.
  • No alliances! Germany doesn't offer help, and the South Americans are completely greedy and will take your rightfully earned land.

[ ]{#You_always_remember_your_first_(And_second,_and_third,_and_fourth)} You always remember your first (And second, and third, and fourth)

El Salvador

These guys are a joke. Create a Militia division , and invade away. You may have noticed no partisan activity: They are one of your national provinces . This works for us! No need to set up a puppet El Salvador, and there is a full transfer of El Salvadorian IC to you.


After you receive a nice boost of IC from El Salvador and your industrial technology, you can create either 2 more militias or a nice new Infantry division. Whichever one you create, Honduras will fall with a double attack from Guatemala and El Salvador . This continues the addition of Rare Materials and energy (which are pretty sorely needed).

Nicaragua and possible U.S. Intervention

As you may have noticed, The U.S. canceled their Non-Aggression pact with you. Invest your money in them! Influence, influence and more frikkin' influence. The U.S. keeps all trade agreements, and even influences you back if their relation is over +80. This may solve our problem of U.S. intervention. If the U.S. does declare war on us, there is one thing to do. Fortify by increasing troop presence. Up until the mid 40's, the bulk of the United States army is Infantry, and infantry make fairly poor landings, especially on mountain terrains like Guatemala (and Nicaragua if you have taken it already). Another thing to remember is the fact that The Canal is in this region. If you're the risky type, go ahead and build a transport! Then land on Colòn. Faster than you can say, "The United States offers a white peace"... Er... the United States offers a white peace. Accept it promptly. If the U.S. is that concerned, they will have created an alliance with Nicaragua. This... Well this is not good. But it is important to attack and annex Nicaragua immediately, otherwise the U.S. lands a pretty sizable force (by your standards) that is able of skyrocketing up to 5 divisions. Once Nicaragua is down though, and if the U.S. did remain neutral, you must influence them after the war until your relations are very good. While accumulating the money to do this, be sure to increase either your military or your convoys.

Costa Rica

These guys are a joke. A half strengthened army, and a possible Air Force (depending what part of '37-'38 you invade) are no match and they are overrun immediately. Now you should be increasing your monetary situations. Influence The U.K. and U.S. Next target: Panama.

[ ]{#Panama,_more_U.S._Intervention,_and_Canal_Trudging} Panama , more U.S. Intervention, and Canal Trudging

Panama has a fairly decent navy for a Central American country. But we aren't attacking with a navy... Here are some things to remember:

  • Panama is... well it's close to the Panama Canal (duh?). The U.S. takes great interest in this war, and without a doubt this is the war that will push you and your empire closer to annihilation by the U.S. then any previous war.
  • There is also the chance that the U.S. wusses out. The Canal can cause war or create peace.
  • South America begins land-based military buildup. This does not directly affect you but it may later.
  • The U.S. never offers the Canal in a peace agreement. If you take the Canal, it creates a good to bad scenario. It's like sticking a hand in a bees' nest. You get the honey out and it tastes sweet. Then the bees attack. This is what the U.S. does. After replaying the scenario several times over, I came to the conclusion that capturing the Canal is bad, but is completely worth it to achieve an independent empire and a strong base of operation. It is your choice whether or not you end up taking the Canal or if you choose to avoid it altogether.

[ ]{#South_America,_onward!} South America, onward!

Columbia is a nice target. A small army, and small air force won't be a huge deal. However, you may want to consider Ecuador first. Your supply efficiency has fallen considerably (to 30% in some cases). Time to land at Guayaquil for supply of South America. One division should be stationed here, so you can easily put a large amount of military presence here. If you got Colòn , you can begin buildup of troops on the Columbian border. After Ecuador is under wraps, invade Columbia! They fall quickly, and there isn't much dissent. Now lets go after Venezuela . The oil fields at Maracaibo are a good first target and make you a nation loved by the dictatorships of Europe (Finland, Germany, especially Italy). After Venezuela falls, we turn to the Carribean.

The landings at Cuba and Hispaniola

Cuba maintains a professional Navy and a small Military (2-3 infantry divisions). Land as far away from the navy as possible. They will destroy your transport fleet easily. Once Cuba has been mounted and defeated, regroup for an invasion of either Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

Hint about Hispaniola

The Dominican Republic, while more industrialized than its neighbor Haiti, has a serious tactical flaw. The Dominican Republic has 2 provinces, while Haiti has 1. Any able bodied commander can tell you that more defense needed can cause a problem in manpower. The D-Day landings are a perfect example of that. The provinces Santiago and Santo Domingo are owned the the Republic. Santiago has one Infantry division, while the city of Santo Domingo has 2-3. You must land at Santiago first, before Haiti, and before Santo Domingo.

[ ]{#Now_we’re_at_Haiti} Now we're at Haiti

Hopefully you have 4-6 Divisions on the island. Just invade Haiti!

The New Guatemalan Empire

Sounds cool, eh? Now, if you want to, reap the Colonial pigs' Carribean provinces. Canada will be around and when France falls... join the Germans. An alliance with a fully secured Empire to the South of The U.S. may just keep them out of any initial fighting. Hell... Invade Canada, Mexico, even the U.S.!

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