As a minor power, Portugal is fairly weak. Yet, Portugal is quite unique in that it can be friends with the world: it is able to join any alliance in the game.


Portugal has very limited Technology options. The first priority is to achieve the second technology slot, possible with Basic Machine Tools, early annexations, and some IC building. Infantry technology should also be an early focus.



Portugal has a large amount of options in terms of Alliances:

  • Portugal can join the Axis as early as the start of the game. Too early an alliance with Germany may complicate early adventurism in annexations. An Axis alliance can provide opportunities for resource gains in Central and South Africa, though very difficult to manage.
  • Portugal can also join Japan. This is possible during the war with China, and could provide Portugal with an opportunity to make gains.
  • Portugal can work very hard, with influence actions, to be able to join the Allies. This is not entirely easy due to Portugal's inability to generate cash. With relations of +200 with the UK, Portugal's chances of being accepted into the Allies is 95%. When in the Allies, adventures in Ethiopia or Thailand are possible.


If Portugal will expand early in the game, slider moves to hawk are best. If going the isolationist route, moving to Central Planning is more appropriate.


Portugal's starting Ministers are better than average for a minor power. Depending on the player's strategy (expansionist versus isolationist), Minister of Security Mario Pais Sousa (-3% IC) should be replaced with Lucas (-5% consumer goods need) or Melo (Foreign IC +10%). Chief of Staff Bastos provides a much needed +25% manpower growth bonus.



Portugal begins the game with Energy and Metal shortages, thus trading with supplies is a necessity.

Industrial Production

Building a limited amount of IC can help Portugal to attain a second research slot. IC building beyond this is not helpful, since Portugal needs to devote all of its meagre resources to building a military.


A general key to Portugal's military campaigns is the use of convoy transports: Portugal needs a relatively large convoy fleet in order to project its military power overseas.


Nearly the entire officer corps of Portugal is old guard. Portugal will have to rely on Infantry and Militia in order to field a decent army.

Portugal's navy is quite weak, and only very minor expansion is possible to defend against other Minor power's navies.

Air Force

Portugal begins the game with a single TAC bomber. Expansion is generally unthinkable.


As a very weak starting country, Portugal has very few options:

  • Ireland: Beginning with just a single division, Ireland's weakness and proximity makes it a good target for early war.
  • Spanish Civil War: Portugal is nowhere near powerful enough to face the main combatants of the Spanish Civil War. Opportunism, however, is a possibility. Portutgal can prey on the loosing side, and attempt to grab one of their IC rich territories (La Corona, for example) before they are annexed. Capturing an enemy capital province will be a relative boon for Portugal's anemic stockpiles.
  • Thailand: A very tough opponent, but a possible target from the Macao naval base.

Tech Teams

Tech Team Skill lvl Years General Area of Expertise
Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses 5 All* Industry, Armor and Artillery
Lisbon Dockyard 4 All Naval
Fransisco Soares 4 All Land Doc
Arsenal do Alfeite 3 All Nav, Ind
Fábrica Militar de Santa Clara 3 All Infantry, Arm and Art
Jaime Afreixo 3 All Naval Doc, Nav
Manuel Gouveia 3 All Air Doc, Aircraft
Oficinas Gerais de Material Aeronáutico 3 All Air, AD
Oficinas Gerais de Material de Engenharia 3 All Arm and Art, Ind
José Norton de Matos 2 '30-'38 LD, Inf