The Axis is one of the three major alliances in HoI. The Axis is led by Germany and generally built amongst right-wing authoritarian governments.


  • Germany : The leader of the Axis in all scenarios is Germany. Her large size, strong economy, advanced technology, and impressive military is the backbone of the alliance, and she will generally bear the brunt of the heavy combat, as well as providing economic aid as needed to keep her allies in the fight. Germany begins the 1936 and 1938 scenarios as the sole member of the Axis.
  • Slovakia : A satellite state created with the breakup of Czechoslovakia by Germany in 1939, Slovakia is a small but useful contributor to Germany. When Slovakia is formed, she is a puppet of Germany, and this is how she begins the 1939 scenario , in which she is also Germany's only ally. In the 1941 scenario, Slovakia is absorbed by Germany.
  • Bulgaria : Allied in the 1941 scenario .
  • Hungary : Allied in the 1941 scenario .
  • Italy : Allied in the 1941 scenario .
  • Croatia
    Allied in the 1941 scenario .
  • Finland : Allied in the 1944 scenario .