Albania is a small country, 2 provinces, no army at all, no ability to produce one, and of course -30 manpower. They have about 15 leaders for their army, 5 for their airforce, and 4 for their navy. You are also definitely gonna get attacked by Italy.


Technology You should focus on manpower. Agriculture and so on. '36 INF divisions are good too. I suggest you get to the third agri technology as fast as possible. This should be done by 1938, so you will gain ~0.06 manpower a day. Good progress, as you had 0.03 a day.

Politics Your moves should be: 1936: 1 step to Free Market 1937: 1 step to Hawk Lobby 1938: One step Authoritian (less dissent after declaring war, will help later) 1939: Standing Army Also, it is important to get relations with Yugoslavia as up as humanly possible. Then demand Pristina and Skopje.

Ministers 1936: Replace armaments minister to Haxhi Lleshi(Consumer Goods need: -20%), and Foreign Minister to Llazar Fundua(Great Compromiser)


By 1939 you should have about 13 MP. If you have succeded with getting Pristina and Skopje, you are going well. 3 militias in a serial build, then put them in Tirana. Should be enough for the Italians.