List of Component Types

Component Types

Each tech in HoI2 has five components and each component has a type. Tech teams have up to five specializations for a component type. There are 34 component types in HoI2. Sadly, it is not possible to add any at this point. However, you can change their appearance and their displayed (not the internally used) name. There is no game mechanical difference between the red doctrine component types and the blue technical component types.

The graphic that holds the pics for the tech types is found at /gfx/interface/tc_icons.bmp . The names for the components are found in /config/tech_names.csv .


aeronautics aeronautics used for aircraft frames and propulsion systems and some air doctrines. Also used for the carrier techs.
aircraft_testing aircraft_testing used for air doctrines
artillery artillery used for infantry, armor, artillery and fighters
bomber_tactics bomber_tactics used for air doctrines
carrier_tactics carrier_tactics used for naval doctrines
decentralized_execution centralized_execution used for all doctrine types
chemistry chemistry used for industrial techs, artillery, bombers and some secret weapons
combined_arms_focus.png combined_arms_focus used for air and land doctrines
decentralized_execution decentralized_execution used for all doctrine types
electronics electronics used for some infantry, all armor and artillery, all ship and aircraft and some industrial techs (computers, radar)
fighter_tactics fighter_tactics used for air doctrines
general_equipment general_equipment used for infantry and submarine techs
individual_courage individual_courage used for land doctrines
industrial_engineering industrial_engineering used for industry techs
infantry_focus infantry_focus used for land doctrines
large_taskforce_tactics large_taskforce_tactics used for naval doctrines
large_unit_focus large_unit_focus not used
large_unit_tactics large_unit_tactics used for land doctrines
management management used for industry and logistic techs
mathematics mathematics used for computer and cryptography techs. Also used for some secret weapons and logistics techs
mechanics mechanics used mainly for armor, motorized/mechanized infantry and artillery brigades
naval_artillery naval_artillery used for ships
naval_engineering naval_engineering used for ships
naval_training naval_training used for naval doctrines
nuclear_engineering nuclear_engineering used for nuclear techs and some secret weapons. Note: research is made faster by nuclear reactors
nuclear_physics nuclear_physics used for nuclear techs. Note: research is made faster by nuclear reactors
piloting piloting used for air doctrines
rocketry rocketry used for rocketry techs, jets and some of the advanced infantry techs. Note: research is made faster by rocket test sites
seamanship seamanship used for naval doctrines
small_taskforce_tactics small_taskforce_tactics used for naval doctrines
small_unit_tactics small_unit_tactics used for land doctrines
submarine_tactics submarine_tactics used for naval_doctrines
technical_efficiency technical_efficiency used for some land doctrines and prototypes of vehicles, ships and aircraft
training training used for all land doctrines and a lot of infantry techs