Japanese Graphic Pack

The primary aim of this graphic pack was to provide a player with refurbished or totally new graphics for Japanese unit models, techteams, photos of leaders and ministers. Since version 0.8 Chinese leaders and ministers were included as well. As an extra, propaganda posters for major nations are added.

Japanese Graphic Pack contains:

  • 136 division models + 38 brigades:

full coverage of land troops: Infantry, Marines, Mountaineers, Paratroopers, Militia, Garrison, HQ, Motorized Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Cavalry, Armour, Light Armour, Medium Armour

full coverage of capital ships: CV, CVL, BB, BC, CA

full coverage of airplanes

  • 260 leaders (mostly Japanese and Chinese)
  • 95 ministers (mostly Japanese and Chinese)
  • 5 combat event pics (battle, ambush, breakthrough, counterattack and encirclement)
  • 26 pictures for Japanese tech teams (fully covered), 12 for Manchurian tech teams and 2 for tech teams for Mengkukuo
  • 19 propaganda posters: Australia, Canada, Finland, France (both), Germany, Israel, Italy (both), Japan, Korea (PRK), Manchukuo, Russia, Spain (both), UK, Ukraine, USA, and USSR