Anti-Submarine Warfare Group

[ ]{#Anti-Submarine_Warfare_Group_(ASW_Group)} Anti-Submarine Warfare Group (ASW Group)

An Anti-Submarine Warfare Group is a group of ships whose role is to hunt and sink enemy subs . Since the primary anti-sub vessel is the DD, this is the core of any ASW group. An escort carrier is also very deadly for subs. In HoI2 and ARMA, ASW fleets are quite useful, while in Doomsday, the ASW fleet was largely ineffective. The Armageddon 1.3beta patch has solved all remaining bugs with the ASW mission order, and it will now work as intended. Especially late-game, it is very deadly.

ASW Fleet Composition

Best is smaller numbers for increased range:

  • 2 CVLs
  • 2 CLs
  • 4 DDs (possibly with ASW naval brigade)