Tech Teams by Country

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This is a list of all tech teams for each country as of HoI 2 version 1.3., as adapted from the Excel Spreadsheet from Lord Ederon’s Domain. The order of columns is: Team #, Picture #, Team Name, Skill, Start Year, End Year, Specialities. The speciality abbreviations are listed at the bottom of this document.

The list for all countries is far too long for just one article, and so has been split up into multiple pages. This page serves as a holder for the key and portal to the information.


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Icon Speciality
AER aeronautics
AIR aircraft_testing
ART artillery
BOM bomber_tactics
CAF combined_arms_focus
CAR carrier_tactics
CEX centralized_execution
CHE chemistry
CRG individual_courage
DEX decentralized_execution
ELE electronics
EQP general_equipment
FTR fighter_tactics
IND industrial_engineering
INF infantry_focus
LGT large_unit_tactics
LTF large_taskforce_tactics
MCH mechanics
MGT management
MTH mathematics
NUC nuclear_engineering
NVA naval_artillery
NVE naval_engineering
NVT naval_training
PHY nuclear_physics
PIL piloting
RKT rocketry
SEA seamanship
SMT small_unit_tactics
STF small_taskforce_tactics
SUB submarine_tactics
TEC technical_efficiency
TRA training