Ireland has got to be one of the least played nations in HoI2. The reason being;it is almost completely isolationist and 'borders' one of the most powerful nations on the globe, at the time. Playing Ireland may seem pointless, but do not be tricked; Ireland has an impressive group of tech teams and leaders. Some advantages of the republic include the following:

  • A wide range of tech teams, including a team with nuclear physics.
  • Strong Generals
  • Good leaders
  • A small surplus of resources


Ireland has excellent industrial, aircraft, naval, air doctrine, and naval doctrines tech teams. Basically, it lacks in ground combat and ground doctrine tech teams. Focus on researching current year technologies because of the penalty involved with researching ahead of the 'historical' year. Research in manufacturing, infantry, and Grand Battle Plan should be given top priority.


Ireland, due to it being completely neutral, has little to no potential for alliances. However, events such as 'foreign policy initiative' may allow Ireland to become more interventionist.

Foreign Policy Initiative

There are two feasible choices for Ireland in this event. The first one is to force it through, which would result in 2 shifts of interventionism and 1 shift towards Political right, with the cost being 10 dissent. The other option, strike a bargain with the Liberals, would result in 1 shift of interventionism, 1 shift towards free market, and 1 shift towards open society at the cost of 5 dissent. The choice is up to you.

Demand Territory

In keeping with the limited aims that are possible to achieve with minor powers, one potential aim is to reclaim Northern Ireland. A successful strategy in relation to this goal is first to form as many trades as possible with the U.K. to increase your relationship. Secondly after 1942 begin funding partisans in Northern Ireland. Thirdly, when the partisans rise up, ask to join the Allies so that you can occupy Northern Ireland. By 1946 you should see the Demand Territory probability rise up from 0% to around 2%. However by 1948 you'll have a 20% chance! Just keep Demanding territory and influencing the U.K. and you should have Northern Ireland by 1949.