Battle mechanics and formulas

Evaluation of battle

The description how battle is evaluated step by step (NOTE: not finished)

  • Army A (composed of units A1,A2...) attacks army D (of D1, D2..)
  • all modifiers (ground, weather, river crossing, encirclement, ESE, command ..) are evaluated
  • combat events such as Surprise and Breakthrough are evaluated where applicable
  • Every unit of army A randomly chooses a unit to target from B and vice versa
  • All units targeting unit D1 sum their attack values (see softness)

if the attack_sum = Attack_1+Attack_2... > Defence_1 than D1 gets 2*attack_sum - defence_1 hits else (i.e attack_sum < Defence_1 ) D1 gets just attack_sum of hits

  • In each round of the battle the organisation of the unit is decreased by the number of hits it takes
  • If organisation of a unit reaches zero ( 0 ), the unit stops attacking
  • The army loses the battle as soon as no units can fight (? - or below 5 org maybe)

Probability of events

  • Breakthrough
  • Surprise


Battle winning ability

In the approximation that attack affect just morale, the battle value of soldiers could be evaluated as:

attack affects the rate in which unit will lower the organisation of enemy organisation determines the time the unit can withstand a given attack (time under constant attack deceasing its ORG)

more info: The Paradox Art of War