European Soviets Strategy

gerneral strategy(abyss)

In this game your gonna have to think fast you need defences so first proitey is start reshearing 36 infantry and tanks and the normal industry then you dont wont to wait for 36 infantry nor the you want 18 infanrty so get some miltia and transports,miltia so you have some defence and transports to transport your army to defend you european holiding`s. shortly after the game begins roma will ask to join you allince accept you need all the help you can get accept all of the reqeusts for the alliance because every game the same nations will want to join your allince because of there govement type plus eventually everyone will be at war in some point. so once you get better tanks and infantry start producing all that you can make more infantry then tanks and make sure you have a plan to get to berlin since prussia will more than likly be you first enemy,when the war starts take it slow your in no rush but as soon as roma starts geting more terioutry move fast your goal is beriln because if you get that you will be able to annex pruissa after it has no victory points left thus giving you the best tech teams in the game the german tech team so you will then have a really good set of tech teams. after that your only goal will probaly be protect your borders and finish off the axis.

(extra) always protect all of your border becasue like i said every onre will be at war at some point so have defence because all it takes is your ally to dow on a nation bodering you and you to have no defence when i play roma dow on bourdon so be ready for the unexpeced.