Moddir is a function where HOI2 will load information from a user specified folder in the Hearts of Iron 2 directory. This can be very usefull when trying out new modifications for HOI2 as you can store the mod in a seperate folder instead of overwriting Vanilla HOI2 files.

To use the MODDIR function

To use the moddir function create a new folder in your Hearts of Iron 2 directory. Install or unzip your mod in this folder then create a shortcut to the HOI2.EXE file in the main directory of Hearts of Iron 2. Right click the shortcut and select "Properties", then navigate to "Shortcut". In the "Target" command line add the name of the folder containing the modification you wish to load at the end of the command line then press "Apply" then "OK". Doubble click the shortcut you created and the modification will load. Enjoy the game.


-- Kruz 13:16, 22 September 2007 (CEST)