Liberia is a small one province country on the southwestern coast of Africa. Like all other micro-powers it starts with a small outdated force. It is also limited in expansion prospects and has limited technical capabilities. However, It has one big thing going for it, and thats the US of A.


Like all micro's Liberia only has one tech slot. However, Liberia only has two tech teams at the beginning, so it isn't that bad. The best thing to do it research IC techs with the Liberian Rubber Company. It also helps to get as many blueprints as possible from the USA.


You start out as a puppet government of the USA. In your position, you are surrounded by the colonial holdings of France and the Untied Kingdom.

Potential Allies


You start off with 2 IC, and the energy and metal to keep those two IC running. A few extra rare materials can be traded for supplies, but that's about it. Your manpower gain is 11 per year, but there's simply not enough IC to use all of it.


It's not worth it to use the intelligence system, since you need the money for more important things.

Armed forces


You start out with 2 1918 infantry divisions in your one province. Your best bet is to build only infantry, since your entire country is jungle.

You start with 1 transport flottila. This is fine for your little transporting needs. It isn't necessary to build an extensive navy because as a puppet of America, if you get in wars, then America gets in the wars too, and America is much more capable of guarding the seas then you can.

Air force

It's best not to build an air force, since you don't have the manpower or IC to spare to make planes. Also, your location in Africa means that you are pretty far away from most action, and your single research slot is much better used on industrial, infantry and doctrine techs.


Try for a land grab near the end of the SCW, to get their reachable African colonies. Then, when war with Vichy comes, take as much of Africa as you can.

[ ]{#Pro’s} Pro's

Powerful Ally-USA

[ ]{#Con’s} Con's

1.Bad tech teams

2.Little chance for outward expansion.

3.No Navy

4.No Air Force

5.Horrid terrain in your country